Thursday, September 08, 2016

Some Like It Really Hot

Today was my third of four early shifts this week (the third one in a row). It was pretty much the same deal as yesterday. I did gather carts when I arrived and right after break, and I got stuck in the register once, but I mostly did returns. Did a lot of mopping, too, especially after someone apparently fell on a new leak. I got sandbags on that one and cleaned up and around the others.

It wasn't bad this morning when I went to work, but by the time I was done, it was hot as heck. I went straight home and didn't go anywhere else. Spent the next couple of hours working on my writing. I went back and added a scene where Leia and the crew of the fishing boat the Ghost (from Star Wars: Rebels) ride by Organa Island, the home of the recently-closed Alderaan Manor Hotel and Country Club. Someone just bought it and is really protecting their interest. The group sees uniformed guards and dogs from the boat. When Kanan takes them closer, they get shot at.

Right after that, Leia sees familiar figures arrive at the island. The man in green and red driving the boat had been watching her earlier at the docks. Hera introduces him as Bobby Fett, a local mercenary. The others are the Imperial Gang. Leia wonders if there's a connection between their attacks and the buyer of the island...

Got off around 5:30 to have an early dinner of leftover Chicken Marsala with sauteed zucchini and tomatoes. Cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen after I finished eating. They weren't that bad, especially the kitchen, but they did need to be done.

Ran Weekend at Bernie's while I worked. I meant to watch this last week, since it's set during Labor Day Weekend, but I ran out of time. Two ordinary accountants in New York (Johnathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy) discover that someone is embezzling from the life insurance company they work for. Their boss Bernie (Terry Kiser) invites them to his huge mansion on a resort island to discuss the matter. Their big Labor Day Weekend trip takes a turn for the macabre when they find Bernie dead in his home and discover that he has hitmen on his trail. They spend the weekend trying to elude the killers and make it look like Bernie's still alive.

The 80's reveled in bizarre comedies with strange and slightly macabre premises, and this is one of the most memorable. McCarthy in particular is having a ball as the more party-hearty of the two.

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