Friday, December 02, 2016

Scary Pony Tales

Spent most of the morning online and working on my story. The group has now arrived in Gingerbread Town. Leia turns them back into a human, a fairy, and a nutcracker...but now they have to figure out what to do with Phasma. Leia and the Nutcracker finally just dump her in the sewers.

Started the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic disc during breakfast; continued it at lunch, before I left for work. The second horror-themed Pony set first introduces a zebra sorceress in "Bridle Gossip." The ponies have never seen a zebra before. They automatically assume she must be evil, especially when strange things start happening to the Mane Five. But neither the zebra nor the "curse" are what they appear to be...

"Owl's Well That Ends Well" for an exhausted Spike, who has been staying up late at night to help Twilight Sparkle. He's upset when Twilight brings an owl home to aid both of them. He thinks the owl's going to replace him and tries everything he can to discredit it in front of Twilight.

The citizens of Ponyville are wondering "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" when a strange, misty monster from Princess Luna's dreams are keeping her awake. Unfortunately, it manages to escape into the dreams of the Mane Five, too. They finally put everyone's dreams together to battle it...but it turns out that the only one who really can is Luna herself.

Headed to work around quarter of 2. This is the day I was asked to work. I can kind of understand why my hours were so lousy. We were pretty quiet early on. It did pick up a lot during rush hour, to the point where I got stuck in a register while one of the cashiers was on break. Otherwise, I mostly bagged and gathered baskets and carts. (And I think we're getting new carts eventually. I saw a whole line of brand-new, never-used carts tied up on the side of the building.)

And my schedule next week is...vacation! I'm off Sunday and Monday along with the rest of the week. My main plans are my friend Amanda's visit on Tuesday, getting the Christmas decorations up, and hopefully a shopping trip next Friday. This will be my in-area vacation. I took it now because, first of all, I need the money now. Second, I was originally going to go in February or March, but we tend to be short-handed then, thanks to a lot of other childless employees taking their last vacation weeks at the same time. I'll have my tax return money by then, too. Not to mention, having plenty of time to get ready for Christmas wouldn't hurt!

When I got home, I finished out the My Little Pony collection while eating leftovers and a salad for dinner. Poor Fluttershy is so frightened by Nightmare Moon, the Ponies' version of Halloween, she refuses to go out that night at all in "Scare Master." When she does go out, she sees how much fun her friends are having and wishes she could join in. Trouble is, she's so sensitive, she scares very easily. When she sets up a scary section in Applejack's family's corn maze just for her friends, she realizes that she doesn't really like making her friends feel like they're in danger. Some people and ponies just aren't horror fans...and that's ok, too.

Spike finds himself involved in a "Gauntlet of Fire" in Dragon Land when the Dragon Lord steps down and announces his successor must get his crystal scepter and bring it to him. The larger dragons tease Spike because he's small and friendly with the Ponies. Spike becomes determined to prove that he can be as tough as any dragon. He's not the only one. The Dragon Lord's small daughter Amber also wants to show that might doesn't always make right...and that bigger isn't always better.

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