Saturday, December 03, 2016

Very Merry Vacation

Today was my only early work shift this week. We were busy pretty much the whole time. All the beginning of the month people must have put off shopping until today. I shelved frozen food that had been stuffed in the ice freezer and did some bagging this morning, but the carts just got too bad to ignore. I was outside the rest of the day. At least the weather was decent. It was windy and chilly, but not really anything that out of the ordinary for South Jersey in early December.

As soon as I got off, I strolled down to Chick Fil'A. It was them or Tu Se Bella's. I just did Arby's, I wasn't up to Applebee's, and it was too windy for Sonic. At least the line wasn't too long, even if their dining room was full. I had a grilled chicken sandwich, Diet Dr. Pepper, and waffle fries while watching the kids goof off in the playground.

(Their decorations were really cute. Stockings with all the employees' names were hung up on the wall above the counter. There was a tall, narrow revolving tree in one corner decorated with red and mottled black-and-white ribbons.)

Headed back to the Acme to do this week's grocery shopping. I have no desire to go anywhere near the Acme until I need to get my schedule next weekend. I wanted to get as much food as I could. Found fillets of haddock and blue fish and a package of organic ground chicken that had manager's coupons. There was a lone package of taco-sized tortillas sitting on the clearance shelves in the back. I thought I'd have fish tacos for dinner. Bags of green beans were 99 cents. Restocked oranges, bananas, cranberries, sugar, lime juice, canned chicken, yogurt, soup, skim milk, canned pumpkin, and chocolate chips (Nestle's were part of a big 4-day sale - got the dark chocolate/mint chips).

My neighbor Richard was working on putting up the lights on his house when I got in. I didn't even hesitate. I put the groceries upstairs, wrote out my rent check, and handed it to him. That's a big reason I took my vacation now - so I wouldn't have to wait a week or more to pay the rent.

Ran Very Merry Christmas Songs as I put away my groceries and changed into regular clothes. We used to run the original version of this Disney Sing-Along collection as soon as we'd get home from school on the last day before winter break. It made for nice background music as we'd come in, and dancing and singing gave us a chance to let off some pent-up energy.

Worked on my story after I'd finished. Leia sees a cloaked figure being lead to the main square by guards. The figure has two lumps on his back that look like wings. She tries to send magic to him, but the cloak absorbs it.

Rey says they need a distraction. Poe, who has arrived with the other toys and candy, provides one. The Candy Army dances for King Snoke, a dried up, nasty old mouse. While he's watching them, Leia creeps to Han. She reaches up to free him from the cape...only to find Kylo Ren under it. Snoke grabs Leia, trying to force her to become his queen. The guards block Rey...but the Nutcracker escapes...

Broke for dinner around 6. Had a tasty meal of fish tacos, steamed green beans, and leftover mashed sweet potatoes while finishing out Very Merry Christmas Songs. Other than skinning the haddock, my meal came out quite nicely.

Finished out the night with Lego Star Wars. I worked on the blue pieces challenges for "Negotiations," "Darth Vader," "Chancellor In Peril," "Ruin of the Jedi," "Secret Plans," "Death Star Attack," and "Battle Over Coruscant." The only one I managed to complete was the last-named. I got so close in "Darth Vader" and "Negotiations," but I still can't find the final piece in the latter, and I kept falling into the lava in the former.

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