Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust

I got a faster start today than I would have preferred. I didn't even have the time for pancakes this morning! I read Verily, A New Hope and wrote in my journal, ate Rice Chex and a grapefruit, and listened to one of my Unsung Musicals CDs (collection of songs from musicals that were either short-lived on Broadway or never made it there) before dashing off to work.

Ironically, for all the rush, work wasn't that busy. This was especially surprising for a Sunday. We're usually crazy on Sundays regardless of the time of year. It was steady on and off, but it could have been a lot worse. I ended up outside for carts at least three times...only to go back in after twenty minutes to a half-hour because it wasn't really that bad and they had other help. I also gathered trash at the front register and rounded up baskets.

Worked on writing when I got home. Han spends the next few days mostly doing chores for Jabba and his boys and tending to the animals in the stables. He stays up late at night to work on repairing his new suit. When the time comes, Jabba and his "sons" are ready to go to the ball, resplendent in fine clothes and freshly-polished armor. They think Han is remaining behind...and get quite a surprise when he's able to join them.

Jodie called me at quarter of 5. The Packers-Cowboys game had just started. Did I want to join her and Dad for beef stew, bread and butter, and apple pie? Sure, why not? Turns out she and Dad had originally planned on visiting a winery this afternoon, but they got a surprise visit from some of our cousins and stayed at home. Jodie's beef stew was delicious, with lots of big meat and vegetable pieces. Her sweet apple pie was even better. Joe and Jessa arrived later, after a concert.

(Oh, and Jodie says she and Dad are going to take Rose's place with Mrs. Stahl to discuss alternate options for programs I can join to get extra money.)

For once, the game was as good as the food. Though the Packers dominated the first half and were up 21-10 at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, the Cowboys came back hard. The two were tied 31-31 by the last minute of the 4th quarter. It took a 51-yard field goal from the Packers literally in the last three seconds to win the game and send them to the divisional championship against the Atlanta Falcons. (In other news, the Steelers beat the Chiefs tonight as well in an equally close game, 18-16.)

I spent the rest of the night online after I got home, celebrating with Queen's Greatest Hits. And at least it was a nice day for all of this! Another possible reason for us being relatively slow today may have been the beautiful weather. It was in the lower-mid 40's, windy but sunny and nice.

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