Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Day Before the Snow

Began a cloudy, chilly morning with work. For all the fussing about the cold, it actually wasn't that bad, probably in the mid-30's. Heavy wind was more of a concern than the temperature. I spent most of the first half of my shift doing returns, but they did send me out to do carts when it picked up during the second half. Everyone must have gotten the weather reports. We're supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight. I doubt it'll be a huge problem, but people were freaking out anyway.

Went straight home after work. Ran Frosty''s Winter Wonderland while eating lunch. In this 1976 Rankin-Bass follow-up to the original Frosty the Snowman, Frosty decides he's lonely. The kids make him a snow wife named Crystal to keep him company. Jack Frost is jealous that the kids pay more attention to the snow people than him and becomes determined to steal Frosty's magic hat.

(And of course, Charlie didn't show up today to defrost the refrigerator. He called later and said he'd do it tomorrow.)

Spent the rest of the evening returning to Cinder-Han. Han is delivering illegal explosives and fireworks to Coruscant City when he, his dog Chewbacca, and his old horse Falcon discover bandits attacking an old man and a dark-haired girl and golden-haired boy in the woods. He throws firecrackers in their midst, just as they're about to assault the girl. It distracts them long enough for them to knock them out and escape.

Made a nice dinner of turkey meatballs on whole-wheat pasta, steamed green beans, Cranberry Flummery, and gingerbread while watching Perfect Strangers. The two-part second season episode "Snow Way to Treat a Lady " has Balki and Larry hitting the slopes with Mary Anne and Jennifer on a ski trip. Trouble is, neither of them can ski. Larry lies to Jennifer about being a great skier...then seriously regrets it when he takes them down the wrong side of a mountain, and they end up trapped in a cabin after an avalanche.

Finished out the night with The Road to Utopia. "Utopia," in this case, is the Klondike in the fourth Road To... movie and the only one not set in the present time. It's the 1890's, and Bing has just shanghaied Bob (more-or-less) into coming with him to the Alaska gold rush. They steal a map to a gold mine from two killers on the boat over. A ruthless saloon owner (Douglass Dumbrille) will stop at nothing to get that map...and neither will Skagway Sal (Dorothy Lamour), the map's rightful owner.

Not my favorite Road To movie (Robert Benchley's narration isn't that funny and really wasn't necessary), but it does have some nice bits, including all the talking animals.

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