Sunday, January 08, 2017

Swashbuckling In the Stars

It was beautiful when I awoke this morning, sunny and clear. I celebrated my newest story idea with Gingerbread Pancakes and two of my favorite Broadway shows. I love swashbucklers. I grew up watching them on TV with my mom. I listened to the 90's Scarlet Pimpernel and the rousing 20's operetta adventure The Desert Song to conjure up the mood for my latest creation.

It's 1877 in the (fictional) European country Naboo. Having fled the invasion of her native Alderaan, the next country over, Leia Organa is currently living with Mon Mothma, a wealthy older woman who also runs a secret revolutionary society. Leia spies for her guardian, keeping tabs on the evil Prime Minister Palpatine and his right hand, Vader. While posing as a socialite in glittering Coruscant, she encounters the mysterious Han Solo and his ward Luke Skywalker. According to the rumors, Han had once been a naval officer, then a pirate...before a bullet in the leg ended his career at sea. He took Luke in as an aide and caretaker after the boy's aunt and uncle died. He refuses to get involved with the country's troubles, claiming they're none of his business or his ward's, no matter how much Leia argues with him over it.

Leia isn't the only one hiding her identity. Nor is Mon Mothma's revolutionary society the only group fighting for the rights of the citizens of Naboo. The Crimson Hawk and his men are legendary figures in the country. They act as local Robin Hoods, robbing from rich nobles and rescuing poor farmers who were unjustly imprisoned. Leia admires this bold desperado, even as she disagrees with his methods. Han scoffs at his antics; Luke admires them.

As she increasingly comes in contact with the Scarlet Hawk and his sidekick, the Golden Eagle, she starts to understand why they're continuing this charade...and what Palpatine is really after.

Oooh, I love this idea. I may do this next after Cinder-Han and The Resistance Kids Go Camping.

Work was, once again, crazy-busy, and it was like that all day. I alternated between doing carts and bagging. While it was cold, in the mid-20's, and windy, at least it was sunny. The slush that clogged the road this morning had begun to clear somewhat by 3 PM.

Went straight to Dad's house after work ended. Mark, Rose, Khai, Jessa, Joe, and Chloe and her mom had joined Jodie and Dad for Jodie's very tasty chili, brie on Wheat Thins, French bread, and Jessa's Rum Raisin Bread. While Chloe and Khai played with Jessa's massive collection of Beanie Babies under the living room table, I talked to Rose and Jodie. Rose says my neighbors can't legally raise my rent 100 dollars. They can only do 50. Right now, I can't even afford that.

Rose suggested I look into Food Stamps. Jodie suggested Social Security. I hate it, but I may consider the former. I've done it before, during my first few years at Wildwood. I don't think I can do the latter. I'm not disabled, no matter what my family thinks I am.

(Oh, and Dad's Dolphins, I'm afraid, got mowed down by the Steelers, 30-12. Mark's Packers had a far easier time with the Giants later, cutting them down to size 38-13.)

I did a tiny bit of writing when I got home. Han arrives at the pub belonging to one of his few friends, Maz Kantana. She greets him and Chewie as heartily as ever and scolds him for losing his shipment. She knows what Jabba will likely do to him for not delivering it.

Finished out the night with Lego Star Wars after a shower. Didn't get far.  I tried three challenge rounds, and I just couldn't get past any of them. Figuring out where all the blue pieces are in 10 minutes is hard, especially when you're dealing with a long level, like with "Retake Theed Palace" or "Battle of Endor."

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