Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Talk to the Animals

Began the day at work. It was still cloudy and cool when I came out this morning, if a bit humid. It did get a little busy around 2, but otherwise, it was quiet pretty much the entire day. I gathered carts and baskets, did the outside trash, returned items, and swept under the baskets of flowers sold outside when the head manager told the floral manager to move them around.

By the time I finished, the sun was out, and it was much hotter (and still humid). I grabbed milk and headed home. Worked on writing for a while with a fan going. Lando and Wedge hitch up a wagon and help get Leia and the Ewoks to Solo Castle. The Castle is in the more expensive part of town. The streets are filled with performers and actors and musicians...including Ahsoka and the Ghost crew, who are putting on a show for the crowds in the castle's court.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had some of the leftovers from yesterday while watching a couple of episodes on the first disc of Cat and the Hat Knows a Lot About That. I skipped some episodes that I'd already seen on other collections, including "No Night Today" and "The Last Chocolate," but I did do most of them.

"Jumping on the Moon" introduces the kids to Astronaut Audrey, who teaches them about gravity on a trip to the moon's surface. They have "Fun in the Sun" with a hippo who shows them how to stay cool on a hot day. Dr. Twiggles, the tree scientist, teaches the kids how rubber is made and how it makes their ball "Bounce." The Cat shows the kids a real surprise in "Inside Out" when he reveals what makes a jumping bean move - moth larvae trying to find a shady spot.

Played some Lego Indiana Jones after dinner. Realized that I skipped the last level of Raiders, "Opening the Ark." Oops! And I ended up starting the round over after I opened a door without having to mess around with the puzzles and missed the parcel and several pieces. Also did the second Last Crusade round that has you rescuing Professor Jones. Finally got 9 pieces and the parcels from each.

Finished the night online with more Cat in the Hat. The Cat and the kids learn about the ears of various animals while trying to hear a certain sound in "Hear Here." "Timmy Tippy Toes" is a klipspringer - a mountain goat who is an expert climber. He shows the kids and the Cat how he climbs up rocky cliffs. They're "Tongue Tied" when they see what the tongues of different animals can do. The Cat takes the kids to "Meet the Beetles" after someone snitches from their cookie jar. Each beetle has their own way of scaring off intruders. Matilda and Marion the Manatees teach the kids how to swim like they do in "Mermaids and Manatees." They discover "How Cool is Coral" when they help a confused tang fish find his way home, not unlike Dory in her movie. Three different Australian animals show the kids how mothers carry their "Babies." The Peregrin Falcon is "Fast," especially when he dives. He shows the kids how this helps him get dinner.

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