Thursday, May 03, 2018

Hot Time In May

I was really tired after working 8 and 1/2 hours yesterday and being up too late the night before. I slept a lot later than I planned. Ran an episode of the 1980's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I had breakfast. "The Mean Machines" are being controlled by Shredder, Baxter Stockman, and a huge computer in an office in New York, thanks to an intergalactic meteor fragment. The Turtles have to find the fragment...and avoid the appliances and robots now running amok in the city!

It was well after 12 when I finally headed out to get the laundry done. They were busy, but I did get a washer and dryer. Listened to local news and The View while working on story notes; also got to say "hi" to a co-worker who lives near-by and also uses the laundromat regularly.

When I got home, I put everything away, then had a very small lunch. Watched an episode of Sailor Moon while I ate. We're introduced to Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time, in "Journey to the Future: Battle In the Space-Time Corridor" in the late second season. Chibi-Usa has taken the Guardians and Tuxedo Mask into the Time Corridor to save Future Tokyo, but something out there is determined to keep them lost in time forever.

Headed out again right after lunch. I couldn't put it off anymore. While my right thumb didn't hurt as badly as it has the past week and was no longer stiff, it was still sore, swollen, and bent at an odd angle. I really needed to get it checked out. Independence Blue Cross' website said Cooper Urgent Care in Audubon on the White Horse Pike took my health plan. They're only ten minutes away by bike, next-door to the WaWa.

They were so quiet when I came in, I was admitted right away after paying the co-pay and answering some questions. The office is brand-new and very modern, built out of the shell of a former bank a few years ago. They have the latest equipment. After having my blood pressure checked and answering many more questions with several different nurses and interns, I finally had my hand examined. The x-ray was much smaller than the one used for my teeth, and it took less than 10 minutes. All of the doctors and nurses were very sweet and helpful, and I was out in about 40 minutes.

The verdict - thankfully, it wasn't broken. Hyperextension from overuse coupled with mild onset arthritis. The nurse gave me a wrap splint. I'm to avoid heavy lifting and playing video games, though I would be able to ride my bike and push the carts if I didn't drag them too hard. She said if it didn't feel better in two weeks, I'd need to talk to an orthopedic doctor. (Hopefully not. The gum doctor is going to cost more than enough.)

(Incidentally, I'm very proud of myself for getting to Urgent Care on my own this time. The last time I really hurt myself, when I fractured my ankle in the fall of 2012, I only went because Rose and Dad talked me into it.)

Treated myself to a smoothie from WaWa next door to celebrate it not being broken. I was really worried about that. I'll be limited as to what I can do at work, but I'll still be able to work. I was out for two months after that fractured ankle! I enjoyed WaWa's creamy Chocolate Banana Smoothie (they use real bananas) at the small shopping center a block away before finally heading home. (Stopping quickly for skim milk at the Oaklyn WaWa - I forgot it in Audubon.)

Did some writing when I got in. While meditating, Leia has a vision of Han in Palpatine's office. The evil sorcerer finally reveals that yes, he was the one who had the prince ambushed and locked up in the tower, and yes, he wiped out his memories. He tries to control Han's mind again, with little success. Han now knows that he has people who love him for who he is...and that he can love himself as he is.

Broke for dinner around quarter of 6. I ate leftovers really quickly, then cleaned the bathroom as well as I could one-handed. I probably should have held it off until closer to Lauren's visit, but it was really grungy. The bathtub in particular was terrible. It was running slow for ages before I dumped the Liquid Plumber down the drain a few days ago.

Ran the Bowery Boys movie Crazy Over Horses while I worked in honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend. Louie Dumbrowski, the owner of the Boys' favorite soda shoppe, finds himself saddled with a horse when he's given one in collateral instead of money. Turns out the horse is being used in a betting scheme by a group of local gangsters. After many shenanigans involving switching out similar horses (and padding the movie's length), Slip finally decides that they should race the horse themselves and get Louie's money back. But the gangsters are onto them...and the Boys may never make it to the racetrack!

With Wii Sports no longer an option, I needed to find other ways to work out. It was so nice by 7:30, I just went for a walk around the neighborhood. It had been hot today, into the lower 90's. It was probably in the 70's by then, with a nice breeze. Spring has finally hit Oakyn. The trees are blossoming in soft pastel shades of lime green, lavender, cotton candy pink, and pale magenta. Candy-colored tulips have begun to replace daffodils and hyacinths in many gardens. The scene of lilacs perfumes the air. Looks like Phillies Yummies has finally opened, too. I saw a long line there as I crossed West Clinton Avenue.

Put on Move Over Darling after I got in and went online. Ellen Arden (Doris Day) returns from being stranded on a desert island for five years to discover her daughters barely know her and her husband Nick (James Gardner) has had her legally declared dead and has just married another woman (Polly Bergen). Ellen's shocked at first, but with the encouragement of Nick's mother Grace (Thelma Ritter), she decides to confront her husband. Nick's flabbergasted. He does love Ellen, but he loves his new wife Bianca too. He's less happy when he learns that Ellen was on the island with athlete Stephan Burkett (Chuck Connors), whom she called "Adam." Things get so messy, the entire crew finally gets hauled into a judge to solve matters.

It's hard to believe something this light proved to be almost as much of a headache to shoot as Cleopatra. It started in 1960 as a comeback vehicle for Marilyn Monroe, Something's Got to Give, but that one had to be scrapped after she died. Even when they did restart it, Day broke her rib filming the scene where she has to be yanked off Bergan during a massage. Thankfully, unlike the over-budget Elizabeth Taylor extravaganza, all the headaches proved to be worth it. This was one of the biggest hits of 1963, refilling the coffers at 20th Century Fox after Cleopatra couldn't make it's money back.

Unfortunately, despite all the trouble, it really hasn't dated well. Ellen's desire to remarry someone who has clearly moved on comes off as more creepy than romantic. She probably would have been better off getting the divorce, shoving Stephan off, and starting over herself. Day is a bit shrill as the woman who is totally out of the loop; Garner is better as her totally confused ex-husband.

It probably doesn't help that I'm not really that crazy about romantic comedy to begin with. If you're a big fan of Day or Garner or are into the genre, you may find a lot more in this than I did.

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