Sunday, July 22, 2018

Where's the Rain?

Began a cloudy, humid morning with Buttermilk Whole Wheat Pancakes and half of the small cantaloupe I bought yesterday. Listened to two vocal cassettes revolving around songs from musicals. Johnny Mathis gets more obscure in The Hollywood Musicals, with songs like "Whistling In the Dark" from the 1971 flop Darling Lili and "It Could Happen to You" from And the Angels Sing. Barbara Streisand's Back to Broadway mostly sticks to more familiar material like "Children Will Listen" from Into the Woods or two numbers from Guys and Dolls. (Although I suspect the two numbers from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Sunset Boulevard aren't as well-known now as they were when this tape came out in the early 90's.)

(The pancakes came out beautifully, by the way, especially the second one, very light, fluffy, and moist.)

Worked on writing for a little while after breakfast. Mostly re-wrote the scene I did yesterday. Leia calls Dr. Mothma to tell her that the Silver Falcon keeps breaking down and they're taking longer than planned to get to Bespin. The older professor suggests Leia call her old friend Admiral Ackbar when she gets there to help her with her dig.

She also states her concern about her going to Bespin. Larry Craydon is well known as a con-man and smuggler, though he hasn't done anything illegal since he won his hotel in a baccarat match. Leia's concerned herself. She can sense that there's something wrong about all this, but can't put her finger on exactly what it is.

Had a quick blueberry smoothie lunch before heading to work. Work was very busy up through around 4:30-5 PM. I spent the first half of my shift doing carts, and the second half bagging, gathering baskets, and doing returns. It apparently rained briefly at one point; the parking lot was wet when I went outside to return a cart, and the bagger who was working on them mentioned a shower. To my knowledge, that was the only time all day that it rained. The sun was back out by the time I was heading home.

Had a quick leftovers dinner and read a chapter of the cozy mystery Hooked on Ewe when I got home. Finished the night with a long Lego Clone Wars session. Completed "Weapons Factory" and the final bounty hunter mini-game; got Luke Skywalker from the former. Got three more pieces on "Legacy of Terror," but still can't figure out the final piece on "Defenders of the Peace."

The bounty hunter rounds were the last things I needed to do on the Separatist ship. Returned to the Republic ship to try to get the last red brick. No luck. I just can't seem to get all of the characters they need in one place at the same time. I'll try again tomorrow.

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