Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nostalgic Dreamers

Began a cloudy, damp morning with Jack of All Trades. This peculiar swashbuckling spoof somehow managed to sneak a Thanksgiving episode, "One Two Three, Give Me Lady Liberty," in during it's second season. Jack and Emilia have their doubts when Emperor Napoleon insists that his giant woman-shaped statue is intended to foster peace between the US and France. When they find out he has something sinister in mind, they invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner to get the blueprints. It takes another Thanksgiving tradition to stop the mad midget's plans - football!

Headed off to work shortly after the show ended. It wasn't bad when I got in, but by noon, we'd gotten far busier. Every time I tried to get outside to help the head bagger, I'd just get called back inside to be tossed in a register. I did manage to almost finish a cart of returns, and I got outside one more time...but then, I'd wound up in a register again, including 20 minutes before I was supposed to be finished with work.

Went straight home after I got off. I finally tightened the seat on my bike, then went upstairs and did some writing. Anakin watches as his younger self courts Padme. The two are happy as can be together, especially one day on a picnic at her family's Naboo Estate. Their escapade comes to an abrupt end when Anakin's mother's servant Cedric comes over and tells him that his mother was in a carriage accident and is near death...

Broke to eat at 6:30. Had leftovers, then made gingerbread from Samantha's Cooking Studio for dessert. I love this gingerbread recipe! I replaced half a cup of regular flour with whole wheat and replaced the regular sugar with brown sugar for more flavor. (And because I don't have much white sugar left, and I want to save what I do have for the cranberry bread.) Oh, yum! It was moist and spicy and absolutely delicious. Sam's grandma's cook Mrs. Hawkins definitely knows what she's doing.

Ran The Nutcracker: A Fantasy On Ice while I ate and baked. This particular version of the Nutcracker on Ice is from 1983, and it features Dorothy Hamill as Clara and Robin Cousins as the Nutcracker Prince. Lorne Greene narrates as a grandpa trying to get his granddaughter to go to bed. This is kind of a strange version; it leaves out the party in the opening all together and begins with Clara and her dancing dolls. It also leaves out Godfather Drosselmeyer; the magic that makes the dolls come to life is never explained. There's some wonderful skating, though, especially in the second half with the dancing sweets, and the costumes are really adorable.

Not to mention, this one will always be special to me as my first exposure to The Nutcracker. This used to run on cable a lot during the early-mid 80's. I saw this version well before I knew it was a ballet.

Ended the night with the nostalgic Doris Day vehicle On Moonlight Bay, which I go into further detail on at my Musical Dreams Reviews blog:

On Moonlight Bay

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