Monday, November 26, 2018

Stranger Than Science Fiction

I overslept and just managed to sneak in a quick Backyardigans episode as I had breakfast and got ready for work. "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" has Pablo, Uniqua, and Tasha as three of Santa's workers. When the Abominable Brothers (Tyrone and Austin) steal Santa's (Conan O'Brian) magic sack, it's up to his most superheroic elves to get it back in time for his big night ride.

It just started raining right before I left for work. I didn't have the time to call for a ride. I went to work and got wet. I stayed wet for a lot of the day. The only other bagger there until 3 had ended up in a register. Thank goodness it wasn't busy. Between the heavy showers and this being the week after the major food holiday in the US, no one was in a hurry to run to the grocery store. I alternated between doing the carts and doing returns and trash inside and out the entire afternoon. My coat was so saturated by the time I went home, it was dripping. (At least the rain had slowed down by then.)

Made a tasty dinner of baked spinach and feta chicken sausages, roasted broccoli rabe, and multi-grain pasta with butter and herbs when I got in. Finished out the remaining cartoons while I ate. In "Pablor and the Acorns," Pablor and Uniquor are two intergalactic warlords seeking a certain crystal that'll give them the power to rule the universe. It crashes on top of a mountain on Earth. Pablor recruits Acorn members Austin, Tasha, and Tyrone to help him get to the crystal. He learns that it's more fun to help out his new friends than order them around.

Confusion is on the menu at "The Big Dipper Diner" when space cops Tyrone and Tasha mistake Uniqua and Pablo's cutie-pie customer Hugs for a nasty little alien called the Blarg. The Blarg has been going around shrinking everything in his path. Uniqua and Pablo do their best to keep the cops from arresting Hugs...but Hugs has her own way of dealing with this mini-menace.

Cleaned up while finishing out the disk with "The Great Splashinis." Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are a trio of synchronized swimmers who are attempting to perform a very difficult dive when they find a sea monster in their pool. They first try to lure him out to the sea...but when they scare him, he takes off all around the water park, and they have to chase him, before he causes major damage!

Worked on writing briefly after dinner. The Ghost takes Scrooge into the city, where he observes him sprinkling water on two men who were about to fight. They finally remember the holiday and opt to part on good terms instead. The Ghost explains that the water encourages kindness and generostiy, especially for the poor. He takes him to Scrooge's son Luke's home to demonstrate this, just as Luke's wife Mara is getting dinner ready...

Ended my night online with some classic Mystery Science Theater 3000. "Pablor and the Acorns" put me in the mood for more goofy space opera. In this Japanese sci-fi tale from the eight season, Mike and the robots make jokes about the superheroic title character, who first saves a pair of children, then their father and several other scientists, from evil aliens bent on galactic conquest. For once, the movie was as much fun as the jokes being made. The dubbing wasn't great, but it could have been worse, and it's a great example of Japanese sci-fi in the 1950's. (There was even a brief - and rather badly costumed - giant monster for the Prince to fight in the end. No, not Godzilla.)

At any rate, here's the episode on YouTube:

Prince of Space

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