Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Winds of November

Kicked off a cloudy and very windy morning with breakfast and the Sean the Sheep holiday episodes. "We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas" has Bitzer the dog and the flock decorating the house for the farmer after they learn he's going to be alone for the holidays. The animals think it's great fun when they're "Snowed In," but the farmer has a harder time getting out. Bitzer is the "Fireside Favorite" when he gets a cold. Pidsley the cat doesn't like him snoozing in his favorite spot and tries to get him out. The farmer builds a turbine when he sees his electricity bill, but "An Ill Wind" leaves the sheep using it as their new favorite carnival ride. Sean devises a wheeled cart to haul "Shirley Whirley" around easier, but the farmer's TV remote keeps interfering with the signal.

Moved on to the 1954 version of A Christmas Carol while I scrubbed the bathroom. Fredric March is Scrooge in this semi-musical TV adaptation. In an interesting touch, Ray Middleton, who plays Nephew Fred, is also the Ghost of Christmas Present, while Sally Fraser does Scrooge's fiancee Belle and the Ghost of Christmas Past. Likely due to this being an hour telecast, the Ghost of Christmas Future is eliminated completely; Scrooge just sees his gravestone and Tiny Tim's after being lead there by a bird. While it's not great, it is history, one of the few programs of the 1950's to have survived in its entirety (though not in its original color). The copy I dubbed a few years ago even comes with the original commercials for Chrysler Cars.

Headed out around 12:30 after a quick yogurt-and-banana lunch. I wanted to stop at the Oaklyn Library before my counseling appointment and drop off the Cranberry Thanksgiving book. I looked over the DVDs while the librarian helped a family find books and the Weather Channel blared news about the snow in the Upper Midwest.

Went straight to counseling after I left the library. I made it there just as Mrs. Stahl's previous client was leaving. Between my bike being stolen, Dad's death, my being broke, and the incident with the air conditioner, it's been a long couple of weeks for me. Thankfully, things have calmed down since then. Halloween and Thanksgiving both went very well, despite the changes with the latter. I have been doing research on some local businesses on Craigslist and elsewhere that I could write for at home, and I did join Linkedin.

It helps that things have largely been going better at work, too. My new managers are an older gentleman who seems to be fairly decent and a sweet young woman who has been nothing but kind to me. I mostly work in the mornings now and avoid the afternoon managers...and one of them was actually quite helpful when my bike was stolen. (Her boyfriend is a cop in Mt. Ephram, and she put out the bulletin with him.)

Even though I'm broke, I'm still looking forward to Christmas. Amanda will visit no matter what. I have plenty of decorations, and most baking ingredients are on deep sales during December, which should help with the cookies and baked items. I'm really hoping I can make enough money to do some shopping.

(Incidentally, this was my last counseling session of the year. I have too much going on in December to run up to Haddonfield. I'll be seeing Mrs. Stahl again in mid-January.)

It was in the lower 40's today, too cold for water ice. I rode a block down to Starbucks instead for a warmer treat. The local kids had just gotten out of school, and there was a long line of tweens and young teens chattering and checking their phones when I arrived. The line moved fast enough that it didn't take that long for me to get my slice of gingerbread loaf cake and Chestnut Praline Latte. The cake was yummy - their gingerbread cake always is - but the latte didn't taste like anything but coffee.

Took the long way home down Cuthbert and across Newton Lake Park. Fall is largely done here. The leaves have been blown off the trees by all this crazy wind we've been having. The grass is still mostly green, probably thanks to all the rain, but the reeds along the river are dry and brittle. It was kind of depressing. I ended up taking the short way out over the hill and past the Haddon Township Environmental Center and Museum to the White Horse Pike.

Went right into writing when I got in. Mara and Luke's adopted daughter Rey comes home first from her job in a junk shop. The kids think it'll be funny for her to hide from her father when he comes in. He arrives with their crippled son Temiri (the little boy with the broom at the end of The Last Jedi). Rey can't stand to see him sad and emerges early. Luke tells Mara that Temiri was good, and rather thoughtful, in church. As Scrooge watches the family, it becomes obvious that he's taken with his frail but kind grandson...but the little boy may not live to see the future...

Finished the night with a shower, then scrambled eggs with cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes while watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I go more into that beloved musical fantasy at my Musical Dreams Reviews blog:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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