Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Doc and the Sheriff are In

Awoke to a hot, rainy, humid morning. Ate breakfast while watching the tail end of Split Second. The woman champ from the other day met her match in the only gentleman, who ended up winning the Countdown round. He picked money in the bonus round and opted to return for the car. The solo woman finally defeated the brother-sister pair in Blockbusters. Not only did she win the 5,000 in the bonus Gold Rush round, but she made quick work of middle-aged twin cartoonist brothers right after.

Switched to cartoons after I cleaned up from breakfast. Hulu features Disney Junior kids' shows, including Doc McStuffins. In the first season episode "Blame It on the Rain," Doc's friend Alma is upset when she leaves her stuffed cow Moo Moo out in a storm and she gets soaked. Doc and her crew managed to dry out Moo Moo, but she's nervous about returning home after Alma forgot her. "Busted Boomer" is a deflated soccer ball that's scared of needles. Doc and the others help him get over his fear so he can be inflated again.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West is another favorite of mine from Disney Junior. "Callie Asks for Help" in the first season, in a story old tortoise Tio Tortuga tells about how Callie ran around so much trying to help her friends, she created - and then got stuck in - Helping Hands Canyon. "Peck's Trail Mix Mix-Up" happens when Callie's woodpecker deputy Peck thinks someone stole his trail mix...but the trail of nuts he follows turns out to have more than one surprise at the end.

Spent the next hour or so seeing if I could make the bed and change the sheets one-handed. Yes, I could. I probably should have waited until after I moved, but it's going to get too hot soon for the heavy comforter, and it already is too hot for the furry deer blanket. Not to mention, it'll be easier to move the light summer sheet set and light quilt I got from Mom last year than all those blankets, and I really wanted to wash the spring/fall set before the move.

The rain slowed enough to head out by quarter of 1, though it continued to shower enough to need an umbrella. It must have scared everyone off. I didn't see much of anyone around when I was walking to the laundromat, just a few really dedicated joggers. The rain finally stopped all together shortly before I arrived at the White Horse Pike, enough for me to dash across the street to WaWa and treat myself to a York and a sparkling Peach Perrier.

Neither WaWa nor the laundromat were busy. The only people I saw in the laundromat were two repair guys who were tearing out the walls of the office, exposing the office and adding a great deal of light to the main room. I did my laundry, went over my story notes, and ignored them and the news going on about the virus on TV.

Put everything away when I got home, then had yogurt for lunch while watching game shows. Jo Ann Worley didn't get as lucky helping the college student through her final bonus round on Super Password. Though Fannie Flagg and Dick Sargent did pick up quite a bit of money on the last question, married couples Patty Duke and John Astin and Pat and Bill Daily were the winners on Tattletales.

Worked on writing for a while after Tattletales ended. To keep Ira from trying to go after Charles and Clifton, Debralee the Water Fairy makes waves appear in the river he landed in that chase him off. Sir Bert Convy, the guard at the door, tells the men where to take their horses...and assures them that his dear old friend Gene Rayburn contacted him, and that he and his friends will help in any way they can...

Broke for dinner at 6. Since it's too hot to bake meatballs, I opted to turn my ground turkey into Italian Stove-Top Casserole. Sauteed chopped onion and minced garlic in olive oil, then added chopped green peppers, the ground turkey, tomato sauce, and dried basil, oregano, and parsley. Boiled pasta and added that, then topped it all with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Not bad. A little dry. I think I'll add chicken or vegetable stock in with the pasta next time. Had it with broccoli boiled in the leftover pasta water.

Continued with the Match Game Misspelling Bee as I ate. The first episode had Gene sporting a bright red jacket in honor of the Bicentennial in 1976 that prompted several jokes from the panel. There were a couple of things misspelled in the second, starting with Fannie's "spaghetti and pizza." One of the most infamous misspellings on the show actually turned up on the Audience Match. Whomever posts the answers for the Match somehow turned "soup" into "suop." Along with the jokes from the panel, Gene actually borrowed a marker from someone and fixed it right on the board!

Finally got to breaking up the banana sherbet from last night and pureeing it in the blender. Oh, yum. It was amazing, just the right cold, fruity sweetness. I may even increase the cocoa next time to make it even more chocolaty.

There were three new contestants tonight on Sale of the Century after last night's contestant went home with all the prizes. In the end, the one guy really only won because he hit two money cards on the Fame Game board and bought no Instant Bargains. He decided he wanted to save for a gorgeous grand piano and opted to return.

Finished the night online with The Apple. I go further into this truly bizarre disco biblical allegory at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Cult Flops - The Apple

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