Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Verdict Is

Slept in this morning. Buzzr was on The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour by the time I got to breakfast. Michael Winslow, the noise-making comedian from the Police Academy movies, really livened up this week. Gene could never quite figure out what those strange sounds were behind his back!

I did what packing I could with one arm while the 70's Match Game ran. Most of the boxes I have here are too small for the books, pans, and DVDs I have left to pack. Two narrow boxes proved to be appropriate for my high school yearbooks and a trio of scrapbooks I haven't looked at in a while. One was dried flowers, menus, and other assorted paraphernalia from a trip to Montana in 1995. A narrower scrapbook held all of my articles from high school and college newspapers. The third held articles and photos of Remember WENN (and my attempts to save it) and the re-releases of the original Star Wars movies in 1997.

Came out for a quick yogurt and fruit lunch as Classic Concentration was in full swing. A young woman from Boston (with the accent to prove it) did very well at the main rounds, winning a computer and a trip to Spain, among other prizes. She just could not figure out the bonus rounds. Even with almost a full minutes, she wasn't able to match enough spaces for a car.

Called Uber during the second show. Turns out the Cooper Orthopedics building in Cherry Hill was directly behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel just off the Cooper River Bridge. The big, hearty gentleman picked me up around 2, driving me down the Black Horse Pike and through Pennsauken to Route 70.

(I might have to ride down to the Pennsauken side of Cooper River Park sometime once my elbow heals. It was really lovely there, with the elegant park row house, memorials, and lots of people running around, jogging, or bike riding.)

Neither the traffic nor the ride were as bad as I figured they would be. The car pulled in around 2:15, an hour before my appointment. To pass time and get some exercise, I went for a walk around the building. The large brick building was an X-shape, and while not huge, the exterior was clean and a pretty good size. I saw a well-kept outdoor dining area; it was empty, not surprising given it was well past lunch.

Finally opted to just go to my appointment early. On entry, the sweet nurse at the door took my temperature (a normal 96.8) and basically asked if I had any of the virus symptoms. Unless you count the usual pollen and dust-based sneezes, I did not. She pointed me in the direction of the elevators, which I took after a quick stop at a spotless bathroom. In fact, the entire building was very spotless and very modern, with lots of chrome, plastic, and curved lines.

As soon as I came in, the lady on duty gave me a few things to sign. The nurse had to wait for me to finish, but as it turned out, she and the doctor were able to see me early. No wonder. I saw maybe three people in the building who weren't working there. It was pin-drop quiet. There wasn't even anyone in the waiting room.

The nurse revealed why everything was so new and clean when she took my vital signs and I told her about my impending move. Turns out they just moved, too. The building only opened two weeks ago. I explained to her what happened with the car accident and my arm before she went off to get the doctor.

Dr. Ramerez turned out to be a young fellow, probably no more than early 30's, and very pleasant. He showed me the x-rays e-mailed from Cooper Urgent Care. Yes, my elbow was fractured, but it wasn't a bad break. I'd wouldn't need anything more than the bandages and sling Urgent Care gave me, but I would need the six weeks off from work to recover. I'll be seeing him again to check it out in two weeks. I picked up the note from him for work before I headed out.

Since I had the note, I took Uber to the Audubon Acme so I could deliver it as quickly as possible. They once again weren't busy, with no lines inside or out. Probably a good thing. Display items around the store had been moved in the back or to the side, likely in order for the floor to be polished tonight. I turned the paper over to a manager, then bought some more bananas, a green pepper, cherry tomatoes, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and a buy one, get one deal for large Acme-brand band-aids.

I checked my phone after I got out of work. Turns out Rose tried to call earlier while I was just getting out of my appointment. Tried to call her as soon as I got in, but I ended up leaving a message. Jodie called me while I made bacon spinach salad for dinner. I told her everything that happened today, including what the doctor related at Cooper Orthopedics. I assured her that I'd try calling Rose again tomorrow and would sign for unemployment first thing tomorrow morning.

Watched the evening Match Game episodes while eating dinner. Giggly Judy Landers of the detective show Vega$ proved to be better at matching than one might think in the first episodes from 1978. The second hour of episodes jumped back to 1975. Buck Owens proved too laid-back for the show and didn't seem terribly interested in the proceedings. Gloria DeHaven was more game and did a little better.

At one point, one contestant got a difficult question about why Tarzan wouldn't wear a white loincloth. She and the panel had such a hard time answering the question, they turned to the writers backstage to find out what the definitive answers were. Among the answers were "virgins." When Gene jokingly said "will all the virgins stand up?", the entire back tier got to their feet! (I know Brett and Gary had kids, and I'm pretty sure Buck probably did.)

Settled down to crochet a new dishrag while watching Sale of the Century. The musician champ got a run for his bargains by the other gentleman, who just barely lost to him in the speed round. He likely wouldn't have won at all if he hadn't gotten 25 dollars from the Fame Game board. He opted to come back again and try for a Caribbean cruise instead of the sapphire bracelet.

Finished the night watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension on Pluto TV's on demand service. Bonzai (Peter Weller) is, among other things, a musician, physicist, and pilot who has just created a device that can pass through solid matter. It would seem the device can also transfer from one dimension to another. On his first test drive, he picks up  goo and what seems to be a small alien. Turns out there's a whole lot more where that came from. He and his rock band and adventurer buddies The Hong Kong Cavaliers discover that the insane Dr. Emilio Lizardo (John Lithgow) once crossed into the dimension as well, and now is involved with a race of beings who want to create an explosion in Russia that would start World War III! It's up to Bonzai, his friends, and lovely Penny Priddy (Ellen Barkin) to save the world from this very peculiar alien menace.

When you have John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd (as an alien), Jeff Goldblum (as one of the Cavaliers), Dan Hedaya, Vincent Schiavelli, and Ellen Barkin in the same movie, you know it's going to be weird for the ages. Apparently, neither critics nor audiences knew what to make of it in 1984, and it wound up being a fair-sized flop. I thought it was hilarious, with a great cast making the most of the truly bizarre material. If you love the cast, 80's adventures, or are willing to take a chance on a really odd sci-fi comedy, give this one a try.

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