Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All Rain, No Shine

Once again, I was awoken by the Acme asking me to come in. Could I come in early, at 10:30 instead of 2:30? I finally agreed to 11:30. I'd just gotten up!

So, once again, I spent most of the day at work. I never got to yoga, taxes, or laundry, which had been my plans for today. I work at 12:30 tomorrow, so my laundry is probably going to have to wait until Friday, which means I won't get to my taxes until Saturday. Work was dead most of the day except for the 4-5PM rush hour. No major problems. Most people were stocking up for the Presidents' Day Weekend or buying Valentines gifts and cards for their families and sweethearts.

It rained steadily for most of the day, though I think it's gone now. It was gloomy, humid, and relatively warm for this time of year (upper 40s-lower 50s, I think). The day wasn't fun for me, either. I didn't really want to be at work, and I got a nasty headache shortly after arriving that hasn't gone away completely.

My friend Rita Widmer did send me a few cool items, though, two vintage Nancy Drew books (the real ones from the 40s) and several pictures from That's Entertainment, Part III. Thanks, Rita!

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