Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chimes In The Distance

Though it was windy, I opted for a bike ride to work today. I spent all morning puttering around online and doing college research, mostly looking at Drexel. I'd been asked to come in a little earlier than planned today by front end head Donna; no problem. I badly need the hours this week.

Turns out they needed me earlier than I thought they did. Donna apparently said 1PM; I thought she said 1:30. No matter. It was so dead, I could have come in at the original 2:30 and probably been fine, but even a little extra time is better than none. It's the end of the month and the middle of the week; most people are probably waiting for checks or tax returns.

Oh, and Lauren and I started the next role play a bit early, and will likely start April's early as well, due to her moving and my birthday. We have a lot of good ideas for both stories and both have actual plots this time, as opposed to the almost plotless comic party story we did for Valentine's Day.

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