Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hearts and Flowers and Working Days

I spent most of the morning and early afternoon at work. It was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday. We're probably still getting a lot of beginning-of-the-month people who avoided the weekend because of Super Bowl Sunday. There's a lot of big sales leftover from the Super Bowl weekend, too. The worst that happened, other than long lines due to lack of help, was my relief was late. (And this kid knows to at least call...)

When I got in, I put the rag rug I keep in my room out to air, then finished off the cleaning. Didn't really do a lot of dusting or vacuuming. It was getting late by the time I finished, and I wanted to eat a decent dinner for once. After I had my Merlin's Magic Chicken, sweet potato, and spinach salad, I put up the Valentine's decorations. I have more than I thought; all I need is something for the front door.

Oh, and Lauren and I started this month's role-play yesterday. It's a fairly simple story; how long it takes depends on our schedules. I'm going to say it'll likely be done sometime towards the middle of next week.

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