Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Volunteer Day

A rather quiet and uneventful day off, especially compared to last Tuesday. I put my tax signature sheet in the mail, then had a windy ride over to the library for this week's volunteering session. I organized the children's DVDs, and they really needed it. It seems they'd just had a ton of DVDs returned! After I finished there, I went through the college books and took out two on financial aid. I also took out three issues of the Walt Disney Comics. I do love me some Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge.

(Why does the Haddon Township Library have such a large collection of comic books and manga when most libraries don't consider them "real reading?" There are three high schools and four elementary schools less than ten minutes from the library; two of the elementary schools and two of the high schools are in walking distance. About half the library's customers are under the age of 18. That's why there's so many college-related items as well.)

I made a quick trip to Super Fresh for milk and a few other items on sale and stopped at Doria's Deli briefly after that for eggs and ham, then went home. The weather wasn't bad. It was about 45 and windy, which made the ride home a little difficult, but NOTHING like last week! There were on-and-off clouds, and I think I saw one or two flakes after leaving Super Fresh, but that was it.

The weather for the next few days doesn't sound as promising. They're calling for snow tomorrow evening (not good - that's when I work), then a "wintry mix" on Friday and Saturday. Right now they seem a bit iffy; I hope we just get rain. This time last year, we would have been digging out of six inches of ice, and I don't really feel like repeating history.


Tina said...
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Emma said...

"Manga" are Japanese anime comic books and graphic novels. My 17-year-old sister is crazy about them. :)