Thursday, March 14, 2013

Busy Spring Day at Work

Started a chilly, sunny day with finally finishing that crocheted scarf I've been working on for months and dubbing the Richard Chamberlain version of The Man In the Iron Mask. Phillipe (Chamberlain), a young man living in France in the 1600s, is carried off for reasons he doesn't understand. He's first kept in the Bastille, then on a remote island, and is forced to wear an iron mask that conceals his identity. It would seem that Phillipe is the twin brother of bratty King Louis (also Chamberlain), who cares more about chasing ladies of the court than ruling France. Louis' finance minster Fouquet (John McGoohan) conspire to keep him on the throne. His head minster (Ralph Richardson) and musketeer D'Arganan (Louis Jordan) want to see the gentler Phillipe rule. Sweet court lass Louise (Jenny Agutter) is the woman whom both twins love.

I love swashbucklers, but this one could have done with more swashbuckling and less talking. It does have a fine cast, though - McGoohan and Richardson do especially well as the scheming politicians who are determined to manipulate both twins. The ending was a little disappointing and perhaps a bit anti-climatic, and really, there are better versions of this story around. Best for fans of Chamberlain or the other British stars on display here.

Switched to Easter specials as I made Ginger Cookies and canned Italian wedding soup for a quick lunch. The episodic It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is a favorite of mine. I love the subplot where Peppermint Patty continually attempts to teach her best pal Marcie how to color eggs. Marcie misses the point and keeps cooking the eggs instead.

Daffy Duck finally got a holiday special to himself in the early 80s. He's the focus of Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-Citement, one of five Looney Tunes prime-time programs to use all-original material. He joins Sylvester to chase a golden egg in the first segment. The second has him guarding a chocolate bunny factory from Speedy Gonzoles, who wants to get chocolate for all the kids in his village. Daffy's fully solo in the third, where he faces off against a recalcitrant horse in an attempt to find an easier way to get north for the spring.

Spent the rest of the day at work. Today was my very long 8 1/2 hour day, from 12:30 to 9! Much to my surprise, it was very busy all day. We were short on help, too. If people aren't being recruited to help with the store's spring cleaning, they're calling out due to funerals and family events. It was steady until around 8PM...and even after that, it was never really quiet. I'm glad they had pizza and bagels in the back. I really needed to keep up my energy today! I'm bushed, and my knees hurt something horrible. Between the cleaning, the holidays, and several employees dealing with deaths in their immediate family, I don't see it letting up anytime soon.

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