Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organized Balance

Actually, I started today with a phone call. Yesterday was Mom's birthday. I called her late last night to wish her many returns of the day, but I kept getting a busy signal. She called me back this morning. As it turns out, my sister Rose and my brother Keefe called last night! She talked to both of them until 11. Dad did take her out to eat yesterday. He also gave her a Kindle. The trouble is, she doesn't have wi-fi or a data phone. She tried to hook it up to her internet but only ended up losing internet for 4 hours. (The internet connection in Cape May County is intermittent even at the best times of the year.) She says she suspects it'll just go to Dad.

(This isn't the first time Dad bought a present for Mom that was really for him. One of my earliest Christmas memories was the year in the early 80s when Dad bought Mom a waffle iron. Dad is the only person on the entire Cape May side of the family who can make waffles without burning them. Guess who ended up using it a lot more? When we finally got another waffle iron over a decade later, it went straight to Dad this time. He used to make the yummiest waffles for his big Christmas breakfast.)

Spent the rest of the morning doing things around the apartment. I'm still clearing out things that I don't need. This time, I swept through all of my media. There aren't too many cassettes left to get rid of, and I didn't see any CDs I didn't want, but I did pull records, DVDs, and paperback mysteries I don't read. They'll all go to the libraries I volunteer for. After I finished with the organizing, I did the budget and cleared the papers off the top of my printer.

Did a half-hour yoga YRG Yoga disc around 1PM, "Fat Burner." It was mainly simple moves to concentrate on the core and rear and just working up a sweat. I thought this would be a good work-out for my sore legs. I had to go really easy on the leg lifts, downward dog moves, and anything that involved knees. My knees feel stiff enough as it is.

I threw together a Bean Vegetable Soup from cans of pinto beans and tomato soup, brown rice, and whatever vegetables happened to be laying around my refrigerator for lunch while running Three Stooges shorts. The boys are "Nutty But Nice" when they try to cheer up a little girl whose dad was kidnapped by bank robbers. It's the little girl whose yodels turn out to be the biggest help of all. In "How High Is Up?," the trio end up on the 97th floor of a new skyscraper when they're on the run from angry riveters and discover that Curly's fear of heights is the least of their problems. The boys find that "No Census, No Feeling" when they try to take census numbers from everyone they know, including football players...during the game! And Curly goes "From Nurse to Worse" when Larry and Moe try to pass him off as crazy as part of an insurance scam and the doctor wants to operate on his mind.

Work wasn't too bad. It was on-and-off busy for most of the night, busier than last night, but not as bad as last week. The store is still in the midst of spring cleaning. They were scrubbing the bottoms of the registers. I had to abandon mine and do returns for the last half-hour. Other than that, there were no major problems, and I was in and out after picking up powdered sugar.

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