Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grimm Meets Toons

Began a gloomy, cloudy day with more Once Upon a Time. One of the interesting things about this show is the wide reach it has in its fantasy crossover. In addition to the obvious Grimm's Fairy Tales, there's also characters based around Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland (a short-lived spin-off would do even more with Wonderland), King Arthur, Frankenstein, and Chinese mythology (Mulan). I've read that Robin Hood and The Wizard of Oz were tied into the third season, and it sounds like Disney's going to push Frozen/The Snow Queen into the fourth.

This is definitely one of those shows where you need to start at the beginning to have a good grasp of the characters and situations. Plus, the whole premise does smack too much of soap opera, especially the whole "six degrees of separation" thing with everyone being everyone else's kid. While I did enjoy most of what I got a chance to watch (especially the introduction of the giant and how he came to be alone when Emma and Hook found him and the plot with Mr. Gold and Belle - I will never think of Rumpelstiltskin in the same way again), I'll wait on the rest until I can rent or stream the first season.

Work was on-and-off busy. It was actually busier before rush hour, for once, as people hurried home from work to avoid the rapidly gathering clouds. By 4PM, I was doing returns, and there were plenty of people behind the registers. I did have problems with the printer on the first register I was in that caused me to have to move; otherwise, I was in and out.

I got lucky with the weather. Some customers mentioned it did rain at one point. When I went home, the rain was gone, the clouds were breaking up, and the street was damp but not wet. When only half of my porch is wet (the half that's not under trees), the rain wasn't that bad.

Started my annual marathon of wartime cartoons as I made leftover poached chicken legs, carrots with honey glaze, and grits for dinner. Started with the disc from the sixth Looney Tunes Golden Collection that's all wartime shorts. While a few of the main characters did get in on the action (Bugs takes on real-life Nazi Herman Goering in "Herr Meets Hare," Daffy gives a crew of bird Nazis the business in "Daffy and the Commando," Bosco covers the French front in "Bosco the Doughboy"), most were random revues of either life in the armed services or the home front. My favorite was "The Weakly Reporter," which depicts life in the cities and suburbs during the war. I get a kick out of the woman who manages to fix an entire factory with her one bobby pin.

Jumped into the bath after the cartoons, listening to Bombshell again before I bring it back. Ahh. That felt very nice after working or cleaning for much of the week. I kicked back and read a couple of self-help books.

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