Friday, May 16, 2014

Dust In the Rain

It poured all day long, from when I got up around quarter of 10 to nearly 6PM. I tried to go for a walk around 1:30, but the rain was coming down so hard, I got soaked just going a block down Manor. I'm tired of having to go out every time it pours. I was off today and really had no major plans. I just turned around and went home.

I spent most of the afternoon dusting my bedroom. I usually just go around all of the dolls and books, but I wanted to do a thorough dusting session while I have the time and before Lauren visits next month. I ran soundtracks as I cleaned under every doll and book and sneezed all the while. I did the James Bond 30th Anniversary CD I took out of the library first. Naturally, this features all of the theme songs from every Bond film through License to Kill. There was one song, "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," that didn't indicate which movie it came from (and most of the CD's liner notes were missing), and I didn't recognize it. Maybe the 1960s Casino Royale? I also did the soundtrack for the first Charlie's Angels movie and the cast album for the stage version of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

I took a nice, soothing bath after I finally completed the dusting. Switched soundtracks for jazz and just leaned back in warm water with lots of bubbles. By this point, about 5:30-6PM, the rain had finally ended. I considered going out for dinner, but it was still windy and chilly and wet, and we were supposed to be hit by tidal flooding again. I figured I was safer at home.

I started Skyfall while having chicken legs poached in lemon wine herb sauce and peas and carrots for dinner. So far, one of the better recent James Bond films, with an awesome theme song (the first Bond theme to win an Oscar).

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