Tuesday, May 06, 2014

In the Spring of Things

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for an errands run. I started out with a short volunteering session at the Oaklyn Library. I didn't do much there. For one thing, they were having their Senior Movie Day. I didn't want to bother them while they watched Three Little Words. (Or tried to - the DVD player kept skipping.) They're still organizing the children's section, too. I wasn't there for even a half-hour.

It was really too nice of a day to be inside for very long anyway. You'd never know we had such a crazy winter. The sky was bright blue, the breeze was soft, and the air was warm but not humid. It was as perfect as weather gets in early May in South Jersey. Everything is so green now - the grass, the trees. I had a very nice ride to Haddonfield, dodging the noon traffic as I made my way down there.

I arrived around 12:30. That still gave me more than an hour and a half to browse on King's Highway. There were two older people eating at a huge vintage dining table in an antique store, but I didn't buy anything - their prices were a bit much. Took a look at the book store, but didn't see anything I needed. Bought brush picks at CVS. Had lunch at Nicky's, the nice pizzeria around the corner from Mrs. Stahl's office. I bought a slice of cheese, a slice of broccoli and mushroom, and a Diet Coke. There were a few other people there, enjoying a late lunch while ESPN Sports Center droned on in the background.

Headed to counseling early. I mainly discussed my long month, everything I did on my birthday, Rose being sworn in and my feelings on that, and Mom's new job. I still feel out of place. I like my apartment, but I have a hard time talking to my neighbors and customers, and I just don't seem to belong with them. They're all families and older people, not single people my age or lifestyle. My schedule doesn't make it easy to find groups to join. I also find most groups to be incredibly intimidating, especially ones that are just sitting and talking. What am I supposed to say to them?

Mrs. Stahl said to bring her a batch of local newspapers that have meetings and other goings-on in them, like the What Goes On? papers with listings for events in Haddonfield, Haddon Township, and Collingswood, for our next get-together.

I checked out Happy Hippo Toys and one of the consignment shops on Haddon Avenue after counseling, but I didn't see anything I wanted. I did pick up some things at Rite Aid, including mouth wash and Nutrition For Dummies. Stopped at Primo's Water Ice for some liquid refreshment after making my way around the rush hour traffic. I opted for "Malibu Bay Breeze." It turned out to be a fancy name for Tropical Fruit Punch, but it was very tasty and very red. I just missed the crowds, too. There were a couple of kids getting water ice when I was there, and more came in after I went outside to eat my ice. Some of the girls even kindly praised how cool my bike was; I thanked them.

Went straight home after that and into the bath. Oooh, did I need a bath. I hadn't taken one in a while because my sore hip has made sitting a literal pain. Now that my hip's feeling a bit better, I can relax in the tub again. I happily listened to one of my Unsung Irving Berlin CDs while reading several self-help books.

Did two Faerie Tale Theatre episodes while I made ground turkey steaks with spinach salad and canned apricots for dinner. "Cinderella" is a straightforward interpretation of one of the most famous fairy tales in literature. The girl of the title (Jennifer Beals) longs to go to Prince Henry's (Matthew Broderick) ball, but her stepsisters and stepmother won't allow it. It takes a kindly, if rather goofy, fairy godmother (Jean Stapleton) to get her there. "Puss N' Boots" (Ben Vereen) is a resourceful tomcat who is determined to get a better life for himself and his master (Gregory Hines). He makes his master look like a nobleman to impress the sweet, sensible Princess (Alfre Woodward), then goes after the evil ogre who is ruling the land.

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