Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunshine On My Shoulders

It was an absolutely gorgeous day when I finally got out around 11:30-quarter of 12. It was the nicest day I've seen since last fall. The sky was a rich blue, and there were only a few fleecy clouds. The air was warm, and the breeze was cool. Everything in Oaklyn is looking absolutely gorgeous, from the gardens filled with deep purple irises to the trees with their soft green leaves. I was surprised there weren't more people out and about; they must have been eating lunch.

Oh, and I noticed that the train bridge on West Clinton had been repainted various shades of blue over the weekend. It starts out bright blue, then gradually fades into pale blue on the other side. The arches are still yellow. It looks a little strange, but it also hides the cracks the former paint job showed. The blue paint also reveals a diamond with the year "1924" etched into them. The bridge is in pretty decent shape, for something 90 years old that gets hit on top by trains and underneath by floods.

The Oaklyn Library wasn't busy, either.When I came in, there were two people using the computers, and the librarian. A mother and her toddler daughter came in a little later. I mostly organized the adult DVDs, which looked pretty bad after last week. The kids' DVDs had been moved yet again, this time to the shelves where the books for sale used to be. (The books for sale had been moved to where the new releases were. I don't know where the new releases went.) I did what I could with them, but didn't bother doing anything else. It looks like they're still in the midst of re-organizing the kids' section.

I continued around the neighborhood after that. There were a few more people out walking dogs. Clouds were beginning to drift in, but otherwise, it remained a beautiful day. When I got home, I decided to get something done that I'd been meaning to do for weeks. I needed to clean out the trash can and paper and glass/plastic recycling receptacles. I do it twice a year, in mid-May and mid-October. The trash can in particular really needed it; the glass/paper holder was pretty bad, too. I use the hose under the apartment's porch, next to the downstairs apartment's back door, to wash them. It's easier than dragging around buckets of water.

I had just enough time after that to make leftovers for lunch, pack dinner, change into my uniform, and head for work. Work was quiet when I came in, but we got really busy during lunch hour. Other than that, there were no major problems. A manager came in so I could get out on time.

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