Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thunder In the Spring

Started a sunny, hazy morning with more Stooges. "Dizzy Detectives" has the three as cops searching for a gorilla committing robberies. They have to track this ape burglar down, before the police commissioner gets fired and the ape gets their heads! "Phoney Express" once again has them as lawmen, this time sheriffs out west. They're tracking a gang who has stolen the town's payroll. When they find the loot in their cabin, they hide it in a stove...and things get really hot under the collar.

Work was very quiet for most of the afternoon. I spent the first hour doing returns and a lot of time the rest of the day shelving candy. It did pick up during rush hour when dark clouds started gathering and it became apparent that we were going to get that storm the National Weather Service mentioned. I was a bit late getting out, thanks to a late relief. Other than some annoying customers (including one mom who kept yelling at her screaming, grabby kids), there were really no major problems.

I'm glad I got home when I did. It was humid as heck and much darker when I walked in the door at quarter after five. The storm finally started around 6-ish. I opted for one of the Bowery Boys movies as I ate romaine lettuce salad with radishes and home-made honey dressing, leftover carrots, an onion roll I bought at work, and leftover macaroni salad and barbecue chicken from yesterday. The Boys are thrilled to discover $50,000 in a rolled-up newspaper. Too bad it turns out to be "Jinx Money." A gangster who won the pile in a card game was murdered...and the rest of his gang would love to get their hands on that loot. While the boys are (literally) laundering the money, the gangsters are dropping one by one. The Boys have to find out who the "umbrella with a hand" is that's killing the gangsters, or they're not going to live to spend that money!

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