Friday, May 30, 2014

To the Grocery Store and Back

I was up so late last night, it was 11:30 before I got out of bed! The Acme called in and asked me if I wanted to come in an hour early, at 3PM. That was ok, but I had to have breakfast and get my grocery shopping done first.

As soon as I finished, I hurried to the Acme. Thankfully, it wasn't busy when I was there. I didn't need much, anyway. Restocked a few things I used this week - crushed pineapples, bananas, fruit cocktail, butter, yogurt, peanut butter. Raided the clearance shelves and came up with Twinings' Christmas Tea for $2.49 and Duncan Hines' "Summer Velvets" red and blue cake mix for $1.69. Bought shrimp for lunch tomorrow and a hoagie for lunch and dinner today.

I watched a couple of episodes of Tales of the Gold Monkey while I was at home. I felt like more action and less bickering today. Boragora becomes a boom town when an old man discovers platinum in a mine he's searched for years in "Boragora or Bust." Jake and the other island residents learn that popularity isn't all it's cracked up to be when the newcomers interfere with the natives and locals...and an American businessman tries to jump the old man's claim. Jake gets into hot water with the Japanese-esque island of Matuka when he flies newsreel journalist Whitney Bunting (Kim Catrall) to interview the Japanese Defense Minister in "Naka Jima Kill." Whitney will do anything to get that interview, including getting everyone in trouble with the Princess Koji. Everyone's hearing a lot more than "A Distant Shout of Thunder" when a native who wants the French to leave threatens Sarah, who has interactively picked up a bust of their fire god Pele. Animals are acting strangely, frogs are hopping all over the Monkey Bar, and a volcano is erupting. The natives want to sacrifice Sarah, but Jake thinks there's something else behind the goings-on.

I did go into work a little early, at 3:30. Turns out they only asked me because we were short on help. We were on-and-off steady during rush hour, much quieter later in the evening. I cleaned registers between customers. Other than a few annoying people, I was in and out without much fuss.

My schedule's pretty decent, too. Tuesday and next Friday off, and the latest I work is 8:30 next Saturday. That's a good thing. I'll be able to get to Collingswood's Town-Wide Yard Sale this year. I wasn't able to last year because I had to work early that day.

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