Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dark Clouds and Daydreams

I slept in today and started off with the soundtrack for the Hairspray musical. (I have the one for the original John Waters movie, too, but we'll do that another time.) I saw this with Lauren in a movie theater in North Adams in July 2007 when I was visiting her there. That was, in fact, the last time I went to see a movie in a theater. Most buses don't seem to go near the local movie theaters. I loved it then, and it's still fun. Jessa gave me the deluxe soundtrack for Christmas that year. As much as I enjoy some of the additions, the original music is just as much fun. I bopped around to "You Can't Stop the Beat" and John Travolta and Christopher Walken's hilarious version of "You're Timeless to Me" as I had cereal and a half of grapefruit for breakfast.

Work was a bit of a pain. Despite it being fairly slow, there were a lot of cranky people. I have no idea why. Maybe they were just bored. It's the middle of the week and the middle of the month, and we're now between holidays again. It got really cloudy and windy later in the day, too, though it has yet to rain. I spent a lot of the day I wasn't dealing with rude people shelving candy or daydreaming. Though it did start picking up around rush hour, my relief was right on time.

When I got home, I listened to one of my Disney collection CDs as I had leftovers for dinner. It was the fifth one in the collection, and it's a favorite of mine. I love the eclectic selection, ranging from "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan to the sweet "Lavender Blue" by Burl Ives from the live action/animation mix So Dear To My Heart, from "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas to "The Humphrey Hop" (also known in my family as "The Bump Bump Song") from the 1955 Humphrey Bear solo short "In the Bag."

Oh, and I just heard that Helium, the publishing service I wrote those articles for in the fall of 2012, is shutting down. They won't be taking new writing as of May 21st, and they'll be gone for good by December. I never made any money writing for them, and I gave it up once I went back to work and didn't have the time for it, but it was something I could do just in case I needed it. I can only imagine how the people who actually do rely on Helium and similar publishing programs feel now.

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