Thursday, June 19, 2014

Come In Out of the Rain

I wasn't happy about going back to work this morning. I was originally off today and tomorrow, but one of the managers called me and asked me if I wanted to work 11 to 5 today. I had no reason to say no. I really could use the hours. I just moved grocery shopping to today instead of tomorrow. I'll volunteer at both libraries and do the laundry tomorrow.

The other reason I took the hours was I figured it wouldn't be busy...and I was right. We're really between holidays. It probably won't be busy again until people start preparing for the 4th of July late next week. I spent a lot of the afternoon shelving candy. It didn't help that it clouded up around 2, although the clouds weren't quite as bad by the time my relief finally appeared at 5.

My grocery shopping went very well. It was surprisingly quiet when I was walking around. I mostly needed to restock things I used last week when Lauren visited - chicken (they're not on sale, but I did find cheap packs of thin cutlets), toilet paper (the new brand Fiona's 4-pack was $1.99 on sale), cooking spray, eggs (on sale for $2.50), muenster cheese (the Acme's is $2 this week), and tuna (88 cents for Acme's generic cans). They still had the Pillsbury summer fruit-flavored cake mixes; I opted for Pink Lemonade this time. Though I wasn't going to buy four packs of Breyers' Ice Cream to get the $1.99 sale, even $2.74 is good for Breyers', one of the more expensive non-premium brands. I opted for their limited-edition Summer Berry Cobbler - black raspberry ice cream with strawberry swirls and cinnamon cobbler pieces. Bought two lobster cakes on a manager's special for dinner.

The sun was coming out when I finished. Everything was wet, which means it must have rained at some point, but it looks fine now. It was also cooler than earlier, though still humid. When I got home, I changed into regular clothes, put everything away, and pan-fried the lobster cakes. Ate them with the last of the snap peas as I continued the Sailor Moon season 2 episodes I put on earlier. Sailor Moon always makes me feel better. I love watching the girls work together, even when they drive each other crazy.

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