Monday, June 02, 2014

Sunshine On the Water

Began today with John Denver during breakfast. I was glad to find Windsong, which has my favorite Denver number on it. The rollicking "Calypso" is a tribute to oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and his ship the Calypso. Even though I don't remember much about Cousteau, I do know this song makes me think of my dads, also sailors, and occasional trips on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry when I lived in Cape May County.

I finally finished The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as I washed the windows and dusted the sashes. Clary (Lilly Collins) is a normal teenager in Manhattan...or so she thinks. One day, she comes home to find her painter mother gone and a demon in her home. A young man named Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) kills the demon and reveals that he's a Shadow Hunter, a member of an underground society that kills demons. Clary's mother was one as well, and she's also expected to become one. Turns out Clary's mother hid a cup that grants control of demons and Shadow Hunters to whomever has it. Now Clary, Jace, and her best friend Simon (Robert Sheehan) have to join the other Hunters and duck around demons and vampires as they search for Clary's mother and try to sort out Clary's blocked memories.

Though it was adapted from a best-selling series of young adult novels, I can fully understand why this was a flop late last summer/early fall. There is way, way, way too much going on here! We have at least four or five different groups with six or seven different motives and reasons for everything. No wonder Clary's confused; the audience probably is too, unless they read the books. Too bad none of that plot has a shred of originality behind it. It plays like Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossed with Harry Potter, with a dash of Star Wars melodrama tossed in at the end, and some horribly awkward dialogue.

I will admit that this really isn't my territory. Though I did like The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, I still haven't finished Harry Potter and wouldn't touch Twilight with a hundred-foot blade. Romantic teenage fans on have given it enthusiastic reviews, which is probably why there's a sequel being made despite the poor reception. I wouldn't go anywhere near here unless you're a teenager or young adult and/or a fan of the books.

It was so absolutely gorgeous, I went for a walk after Mortal Instruments ended. What a perfect day! Sunny, with blue skies, soft breezes, and no humidity. It was warm, warmer than over the weekend, but the dry air kept it from being unbearable. I was out around 1PM, which may be why there weren't too many people around. Most folks may have been at lunch. It was so nice, I could see straight to the Ben Franklin Bridge when I was on the boat landing at the end of Goff Avenue. Everything is still so green. I've never seen such beautiful roses, either, deep and scarlet.

When I got in, I made Blueberry-Chocolate Chip Muffins, then had a couple for lunch with a salad while watching more Tales of the Gold Monkey. Jake was "Once a Tiger," a member of the elite squadron of pilots who ran missions in Japan, before he was hurt and taken out of action. When a plane carrying gunsights that could be crutial to the Tigers is downed and the pilot goes mission, Jake teams up with Sarah and the pilot's navigator to go after it.

Work was busy during rush hour, on-and-off steady otherwise. This being the beginning of the month, we had quite a few annoying customers. Otherwise, I was in and out with no really major problems.

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