Tuesday, June 17, 2014

While Strolling Through the Cherry Hill Mall One Day

Though it wasn't that humid when we finally got up around 10, it was already in the upper 80s. Ugh. We were originally going to walk up to Haddon Heights and Barrington to check out the Antique Center and have a nice lunch, but it was way too hot. We ultimately decided to spend the afternoon in the air conditioned Cherry Hill Mall instead.

Our first stop was a really quick one at Dunkin' Donuts to use those coupons I had. I bought a Mocha Coolatta. Lauren got an "Arthur Palmer" (half lemonade, half iced tea) Coolatta and a croissant. (She hadn't had breakfast and apparently is a big fan of their croissants.) We picked up an on-time bus on Cuthbert Road a block from Kayla's Ice Cream. There was a little traffic going to the Cherry Hill Mall, but nothing horrible.

We didn't really buy a lot at Cherry Hill. The Cherry Hill Mall is mostly clothes stores. We did get some fun stuff. We both found games we liked at their Game Stop. I picked up Sonic and the Secret of the Rings, M&M Racing, and Namco Museum Remix, an earlier version of the Namco Museum Megamix Lauren bought yesterday. M&M Racing turned out to be two dollars cheaper than they had listed! Lauren bought a Sonic racing game and Kirby's Squeak Squad, a Kirby Nintendo DS game.

After briefly browsing through the Hallmark (which is closing and didn't have much left), we headed to the big Disney Store. They were busy with kids and employees, but we both did pretty well. Lauren picked up a small stuffed Goofy and a Goofy-print t-shirt. I found the newest member of the Disney Animator's Toddler Collection - an utterly adorable Tinkerbell! She was too cute to resist.

 We had lunch at The Bistro at Cherry Hill. This small restaurant is a popular lunch spot right in the middle of the mall, near Nordstrom's. Thankfully, it was around 2:30 by the time we sat down at their counter. They were between meal crowds. Lauren and I both had salads. She had a "Spiniata Salad" (spinach with mushroom and nuts). I had a Bistro Simple Leaf Salad with grilled chicken. The chicken was especially well done, fired just right. We weren't the only one who needed our greens, either. Evidently the Bistro's salads are really popular. We saw a lot of people around us eating them.

Lauren and I are both very fond of stuffed animals; it was probably inevitable that we'd end up at Build-A-Bear. I admired the huge stuffed My Little Ponies and Princess Pets, but I already bought Tink and have tons of large stuffed toys. Lauren liked how a purple ruffled outfit looked so much on a panda model, she bought the entire get-up for her bears, sequined shoes and all.

While hanging out in the air conditioning was nice, there really isn't much else we were interested in at the Cherry Hill Mall. Neither of us need more clothes badly, and we've already done Macy's twice. We just picked up a slightly late 4:30 bus to Haddon Township. We stopped at WaWa on the way home. I mainly needed milk, but we got drinks and a snack as well. Lauren bought a fountain Mello Yellow with raspberry and vanilla syrup. I had a Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry, raspberry, and vanilla syrup. We shared our annual Tastycake. This year, we went for the Dreamies, Tastycake's version of Twinkies. They weren't bad. The cake was rather tasty and there wasn't too much filling, though the filling they had was too sweet.

We spent the rest of a killer hot evening at my place. We first defeated the final big boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn...who ironically was easier than some of the earlier bosses. We tried M&M Racing, but the controls were such a pain, we couldn't get through the first round. We gave up and played two rounds of Pac Man Party instead. I'm getting better at that game. I won at a couple of the mini-games, especially the shooting games, and finally won the second game based around the ghosts' home, Spooky Hallow.

Right now, we're watching more Happy Days while hanging out online. I always did get a kick out of this show, especially in the early seasons before it got really weird. Favorites from this round include "Get a Job" (Richie befriends a pretty divorcee, but the other guys think there's more to it), "The Cunningham Caper" (Richie invites the guys over when he's alone while sick...and then a burglar shows up), and "The Not Making of the President" (Richie dates a girl who is an ardent Democrat - his dad's a Republican and isn't happy about his son switching sides).

Tomorrow, Lauren goes home around 12:20. I'm just going to hang out here in the air conditioning, read, and play video games. It's going to be too hot (and I'm too pooped) for any more running around.

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