Thursday, June 05, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

It was cloudy, cool, and extremely humid when I got up this morning. Whatever rain we got must have been overnight; my porch was wet, but by 9, it looked like it hadn't rained in a while. I spent the morning continuing the dusting in the TV area of the living room. Did more Tales of the Gold Monkey. It's a "Force of Habit" when Jake comes into the Monkey Bar and kisses a nun he thought he recognized. Turns out the nun, once a girlfriend of his named Bridget, does recognize him, but she wants to keep her vows and him out of her life. She ends up needing him anyway when the vaccine she and her Mother Superior were carrying to China is stolen, and Bridget takes off in the Goose to go after it with Jake, Jack, and Corky in tow.

Jake and Corky weren't the only ones having plane problems. In the third season opener "Airport '59," Laverne and Shirley are understandably scared when Shirley accidentally knocks out the pilot on the charter plane they're taking to a Green Bay Packers game. Laverne ends up having to land the plane herself!

It was showering lightly when I went to work, but nothing that even left me damp. The clouds reappeared and disappeared throughout the afternoon, and the crowds came and went with them. We were off and on all day. I shelved candy on the down times. A manager came in so I could shut down, since I was leaving during rush hour.

The clouds were starting to vanish as I rode home. By the time I was dusting my bedroom and listening to the soundtracks to Flashdance and Footloose, the clouds were gone, and it was sunny and beautiful. I turned off the fan and the air conditioner. It wasn't even humid anymore.

Ran episodes of Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater that spoofed movies as I had leftovers for dinner. Kitty discovers that there's no place like "home furry home" when a tornado drops her in the land of "The Wizard of Paws." She's "K.T: The Kitty Terrestrial" who just wants to phone home, but scientists Catnip and Grinder may not give her the chance. She and Tuxedo Sam Skypenguin find themselves involved in "Cat Wars" when Sam crash-lands their ship and they have to find their way back to Caturn to defeat the evil Darth Catnip. And Kitty finds herself up the Empire State Building without a paddle when an ape-like Grinder falls for her and Catnip tries to turn him into a star attraction in "Kitty and the Kong."

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