Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Days at the Voorhees Town Center

Thankfully, it was sunny and a little humid but not too bad when we headed out this morning. We weren't doing as much walking, anyway. We headed to Oaklyn's City Hall and picked up the bus to the Voorhees Library across from the Voorhees Town Center. Thankfully, the traffic wasn't bad, and other than people getting off on every other corner on the White Horse Pike, we had no problems. We got off right across from the library.

The spring Camden County Library System Book Sale was bustling when we came in. It was far busier than when I went in the fall, probably because we went during the first day. This time, I did manage to find the children's books. They were in the Story Hour room just off the children's section. There wasn't a bad selection, for being stuffed in a small room, when I could get around all the parents, kids, and grandparents looking for inexpensive reads.

We both did pretty darn well. Lauren bought Fletch Too, MacBook for Dummies, and a couple of R.L Stein novels she didn't have. I bought The Trumpet of the Swan, the Disney Fairies novel Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, the Carol Higgins Clark mystery Fleeced. Found the Mario Lanza vehicle The Great Caruso and two James Bond movies I didn't have, Moonraker and For Your Eyes Only, on video. Hers cost $5. Mine came up to $4 - the videos were three for a dollar.

We went across the street to the Voorhees Town Center for lunch. Bassett's BBQ had recently opened in their food court; I hadn't seen it the last time I was there a few weeks before Christmas. Lauren had their bacon cheeseburger. I had the pulled chicken sandwich. We both had dark, earthy-tasting fries, on sale for 99 cents. Mine was delicious, thick and rich and just spicy enough. Lauren said her burger was really good, too.

We browsed through the smaller stores on the first floor first. Hallmark was having a really big sale on WebKinz. Lauren got the stuffed version of Facebook's famous Grumpy Cat and I bought a "plumfadoodle" (a round, sparkly, dodo-like purple bird creature) for around $4.50 each. We didn't have as much luck in their small Game Stop; found nothing interesting. We debated spending some time in their huge arcade, but ultimately decided we didn't want to spend the money.

Our next stop was Boscov's. Lauren loved their toy section on the first floor. We found new version of craft sets like Shrinky Dinks we hadn't seen since we were kids. Lauren ended up with the smaller Spirograph set. I finally found a nice, sensible pair of waterproof sandals upstairs. The sandals were $19.99. The four pairs of thick cotton Goldtoe socks I bought were $2.49 for two pairs!

We went back downstairs and had cookies and drinks from the cookie-selling booth. Lauren had a big sugar cookie; I had a big white chocolate chunk-macadamia nut cookie. (I love white chocolate-macadamia cookies, but macadamia nuts are so expensive.) We browsed around a little in Macy's after we finished our snack. Voorhees has a really nice Macy's. And unlike the Macy's in Philly or the JCPenney's in Deptford, they had a very large, well-stocked women's plus size section that was one of the first things you saw on entering the store.

Our bus home was a bit late arriving, but thankfully, the traffic was going in the other direction. We both felt a few raindrops when we were waiting for the bus, but the rain held off until we were half-way down the White Horse Pike. It was deluging by the time we were passing the Dunkin' Donuts in Lawnside. Lauren looked up the weather on her smartphone and discovered that the storms were numerous but fast-moving. It wasn't raining when we got off. The storm started again when we were just a few inches from my place. We got in only a bit wet.

It's stormed on and off for the rest of the night. Needless to say, we went nowhere else. We played Kirby games for a couple of hours before having leftovers for dinner while watching Happy Days episodes. Though Fonzie's role was just starting to be built up in the early second season, the show still mostly concentrated on Richie and his pals and was far less strange than the shark-jumping and alien antics that turned up in later years. My favorite episodes were the one where Richie got his red car (which may or may not have been stolen) and the cute Halloween show that had Richie facing his fears when Ralph holds a costume party in an infamously haunted house.

We switched to the Bowery Boys movie Ghost Chasers in honor of Friday the 13th. Richie's not the only one who is afraid of ghosts. While the Boys help Louie track down a phony medium, Sach makes friends with a real ghost who turns out to be anything but nasty. When the boys get into major trouble, Sach and his ghost buddy may be the only ones who can save the day.

Tomorrow, we'll be hitting Oaklyn's town-wide yard sale and the Collingswood Farm Market.

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