Sunday, June 01, 2014

Pure Gold Spring

Actually, I spent most of a very quiet day listening to records. I put on the Pure Gold set this morning while making Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast. Oh yum, were those North Carolina Blueberries sweet! It was like eating blueberry candy. Soo tasty. I hope the New Jersey blueberries are that good when they debut. The record set was fun, too. There were a lot of songs familiar from my Rhino Have A Nice Day CDs, along with several that were new to me.

I spent most of the early afternoon changing the dolls into outfits appropriate for the late spring-early summer. Samantha is still in pink and white, but I took her outside of her own wardrobe to try on Rebecca's lovely Lace Dress. (Her stockings are from Rebecca's School Outfit.) Josefina wears her hard-to-find Weaving Outfit, with a lovely embroidered camisa (shift) and lace-trimmed burgundy floral skirt. I borrowed the rebozo (wrap) from her "meet" accessories and the woven sash from her Indigo School Skirt Outfit. Jessa sports the mid-90s modern Earth Day Outfit - shortalls and a tie-dye t-shirt - with the purple jelly sandals from the late 90s Birthday Outfit. Felicity wears a blue and white cotton gown I found at a doll clothes booth at the Deptford Mall a few years ago. Molly and Whitney both wear Kit's summer outfits - Molly's in the Yellow Floral Dress, and Whitney has the Scooter Outfit (a ruffled sundress with adorable yellow shoes).

Work was no problem at all. It was very busy despite a gorgeous day. It's always busy on Sunday, the only day many people can shop. It's the beginning of the month, too. Thankfully, the nice weather must have put everyone in a good mood. I was in and out.

When I got home, I listened to Frank Sinatra and made canned salmon with pasta and spring vegetables for dinner. I'm afraid the songs on the Sinatra That's Life record I bought a week or so ago all sound almost exactly the same - brassy. He doesn't really sound right on "Winchester Cathedral" at all. The only song I really liked there was his version of "You're Gonna Hear From Me."

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