Tuesday, August 26, 2014

American Girls and Bowery Boys Out of the Archives

This is a good week for big debuts - or re-debuts. First of all, the Warner Archives finally put out the fourth and final collection of Bowery Boys movies. My favorites in this set include two good ones from the Slip/Sach-focused mid-50s, Bowery To Bagdad and Spy Chasers, and the last one with Duke Coveletske (and the last in the series), In the Money. There's extras included this time as well - 24 trailers in their original aspect ratios. At any rate, here's the last of the Boys, for everyone who's as big of a fan of this series as Lauren and me!

The Bowery Boys: Volume Four

The American Girl historical line is being revamped starting Thursday. It's now called "BeForever." All current dolls but Caroline and Kaya will come in new outfits. All dolls will get at least one or two new outfits, and some, like Julie, Kit, or the re-released Samantha, will have almost entirely new collections. I'm very, very excited about this! I'm especially looking forward to what Samantha will have. My Samantha hasn't gotten any outfits brand-new from AG since I got her back in 1993. Josefina could stand for some wardrobe additions, too. I may also buy some of Julie's 70s collection for my very bohemian modern doll Jessa.

I spent most of the morning doing research on BeForever and what's changing or selling out. (Thankfully, most of the things AG is changing or getting rid of seems to be furniture or accessories. I bought all the outfits I wanted that were rumored to be retiring back in the spring, when I took advantage of free shipping and big sales.) Some of the items Samantha's getting look adorable, including her own bike and a new pair of biking bloomers! Now I'm glad I could never find her original three-wheeled bike and biking outfit that came out in the mid-2000s. I've also seen photos of an ice cream parlor and a beautiful canopy bed. (Alas, both of those items are probably too big for my budget and my apartment.)

Samantha and the other historical dolls aren't the only girl-oriented characters who are reemerging for a new generation. A new Sailor Moon series was apparently relaunched this summer. I haven't watched it yet, but in honor of the revival of Sailor Moon, I ran some episodes of the original show from the first and early second season. Serena and the other Soldiers learn about their lives in the Silver Millennium in "The Past Returns." Skipping ahead to the second season, the other Soldiers are brought back to help Serena when a monster attacks the movie set they're auditioning at in "So You Want to Be In Pictures."

Work was off-and-on steady for the entire four hours I was there. It was a sunny, windy, hot, dry day. Who wanted to be running around a grocery store? By the time it was picking up for rush hour, I was rushing out. My relief was on time; there were no major problems.

When I got home, I changed, had a snack, and went back out to get my laundry done. It was busy for it being nearly dinner time, but I didn't really have much laundry to do to begin with. I was able to get a washer and a drier with no problems.

I spent the rest of the evening making scrambled eggs with yellow peppers and mushrooms for dinner while watching more Bowery Boys in honor of their release. They're back to school in "Hold That Line" when a bet between snooty professors lands them at prestigious Ivy University. They stick out like sore thumbs, and the students don't know what to make of them...until Sach creates a potion in chemistry class that gives him super strength. Suddenly, he's the star of the football team and the talk of the school. Unfortunately, this makes the team's star player very jealous, jealous enough to tip off a group of gangsters who want Sach out of the way so they can win a big game.

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