Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Asserts Itself

Maybe it's just as well I worked eight hours today. It was hot, humid, and hazy all day. I spent most of the day bored. We were quiet for a lot of my shift, except for during rush hours. It was just starting to pick up when I was supposed to leave. My relief was late, of course. I just barely got out on time.

When I got in, I was too tired to do much more than change into regular clothes, make leftovers for dinner, and watch a couple of episodes of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. In "Master Ping," Po's dad Ping ends up staying at the Jade Palace when a kung fu battle destroys his noodle shop. He may be a great cook, but Po's embarrassed by his childhood stories, and his snoring and fussiness keeps everyone awake and on edge. When he's finally thrown out, he's captured by the three pigs who caused the fight that wrecked his shop in the first place. They think Ping's a warrior and want him to teach them kung fu secrets! Po hurries over to protect his dad...but Ping has a few things to teach his son, too!

Bureaucracy and government officials cause trouble in "Shifu's Back." The Fearsome Five can't fight bandits because their permit took two months arriving. The official in charge of law and order shows up just as Po's given Shifu an overdose of a potion for a bad back that's gotten him rather drunk. It looks like the Jade Palace may lose its license, until the official is kidnapped by the pig bullies and Po, Shifu, and the official's long-suffering elephant assistant prove to him how important their work is.

I spent the rest of the evening in a much-needed bath. I'm glad I've been able to fit more baths in during the last couple of weeks. It's been so busy, I've rather badly needed them. My legs were so sore. It was great to just sit back for an hour and read library books and listen to jazz.

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