Monday, August 04, 2014

The Cops are Back In Town

Had another early work shift this morning, though not quite as early as this weekend's were. It was pretty much the same deal - quiet when I came in, steady but not overwhelming when I left. I originally didn't have a relief, but I had a line when I was done, so they got one of the college students to come in for me. Other than some cranky customers, there were no major problems, and I headed out as soon as I could.

When I got home, I relaxed, changed into regular clothes, and finished out Clancy Street Boys before heading out to do my laundry. It had turned into a rather nice day for a walk. The clouds and humidity from earlier in the day were giving way to sunshine and warm but not hot mid-80s temperatures. Oaklyn was bustling with kids riding bikes and playing on lawns and people out and about, talking and working in their gardens.

I wish I hadn't put off doing the laundry until 4 PM. Not only was it busy, but there was this guy there who just could not be patient. He kept looking in everyone's washers to see if they were done, including mine, when it was quite obvious that they weren't, then complained about how slow they were. If he was in a hurry, he shouldn't have been doing laundry. I then spent an excruciating twenty minutes listening to him and the other woman in the laundromat describing every single thing that was wrong with kids, this area, schools, and everyone else in general. The moment my dryer finished, he opened it to see if his things were in there! He saw me put my things in there...or would have, if he hadn't been so busy telling that poor woman everything that was wrong with the world. I grabbed my things in a hurry and got out of there as soon as I could.

I was going through my DVDs after I got home and found my Little Einsteins disc Legend of the Golden Pyramid, so I thought I'd give them a spin. The music-and-art-loving kiddies go on two exotic adventures to free the music from the Golden Pyramid, thanks to Quincy's golden harp, and find five lost paper dragon kites in China before the big Dragon Kite Parade at the Great Wall. A trip to San Francisco is less exotic, but just as fun. Annie teaches kids how to sing high as she and the others help her Little Purple Airplane fly over such tall landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge and get through a busy modern painting to rescue a toy helicopter trapped in a redwood.

Switched to more Police Academy as I made Spiced Chicken Cutlets with Molasses Sauce and Persian Cucumber Salad for dinner. The former recruits are now teachers in Back In Training. They have to whip the Academy's newest recruits into shape, or it'll close and be replaced by Mauser's more militant police school. But with new cadets like nerdy Sweetchuck, insane Zed, Fackler's tough wife, laid-back Japanese exchange student Nomoka, and attractive Adams on patrol, it won't be easy to prove that they're the best force in town...until the governor's yacht is robbed, and everyone gets a chance to show their stuff.

More-or-less a repeat of the first film, but there are some fun gags, including what happens to Mauser's eyebrows and Fackler trying to keep his wife from joining. This is an 80s comedy, so count on the expected non-PC Japanese and gay stereotype gags and an ending that comes out of nowhere. Otherwise, this is actually a lot of fun, probably the series' best entry along with the original.

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