Sunday, August 24, 2014

Classic Rockin' Dolls

I had a quick breakfast of Blueberry-Chocolate Chip Pancakes before heading off to work for a short and early shift. Work was busy all day, not uncommon on a Sunday. Everything went quickly. A manager came in so I could leave; she sent my relief elsewhere to take the long lines.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes, then went in the back room to get the dolls' clothes and change them. Their bathing suits and light summer frocks are no longer appropriate for the cooler weather we've been having lately. Molly wears Kit's original blue School Outfit, which I picked up from AG in March the day before it sold out. Josefina's in her red and orange Summer Dress and vest. Samantha's in a hand-made teal tea dress with a lace-and-rosette trimmed collar. Felicity wears her friend Elizabeth's celery green Summer Gown. Whitney's finally getting to try out the floral Queen's Treasures dress I bought off eBay in the spring. Jessa wears an outfit I bought from a doll clothes seller at last year's May Fair - a blue and pink denim skirt, a white hoodie with a flamingo patch, and flamingo-print sneakers.

I went for a walk after I finished with the dolls. I was really kind of bored. It was sunny this morning, but by 4:30, the day had clouded over. (Despite the dark clouds, it wasn't humid and it never rained.) I stopped at Dad's. The garage was open, and though I did run into two of their neighbors, I saw neither Dad nor Jodie. They probably took Dad's 50s car out for a spin.

I ended up strolling to CVS instead. I didn't really need anything. It was just for the walk. I did buy one of those tasty sparkling waters - the Strawberry Kiwi this time.

I made chicken cutlets and leftover Chinese beans for dinner while listening to a couple of records. Classic rock just seems to go hand in hand with the summer. I did two of the K-Tel 70s collections while I changed the dolls. The soundtrack to American Graffiti accompanied dinner.

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