Saturday, August 02, 2014

Sleepy Time Gal

I worked early again this morning. I didn't have time for the American Top 40 re-run or much of anything else before I hurried off to work. It rained heavily overnight. By 8 AM, the rain was gone, but the clouds and wet streets remained. It didn't scare off our customers. We were crazy-busy from about 10AM onwards. We're still in the midst of those huge sales, and it's still the beginning of the month...and people are still cranky. I was so happy when my relief was on time and I could get home quickly.

It was still cloudy when I finished, but the clouds had yielded nothing but a chilly day. The dry streets indicated that it probably hadn't rained since the night before. It wasn't even that humid. Perfect day for a nap. I settled down around 3 and didn't get up until quarter of 5.

Since it was still cool out, I made Zucchini-Chocolate Chip cookies while watching Hey There, It's Yogi Bear. Yogi's not feeling smarter than the average bear when his picnic basket-stealing antics has Ranger Smith sending him to the San Diego Zoo. Though Yogi gets another bear to go, his girl Cindy doesn't know this and convinces Ranger Smith to send her packing as well. When Yogi and Boo Boo hear that she's gone missing, they go on a cross-country odyssey to rescue Cindy from a cheap circus that's hoping to have her as its star attraction.

This was apparently Hanna-Barbara's first feature-length theatrical film, and it shows in some beautiful forest backgrounds early on in Jellystone and Cindy and Yogi's elaborate Venice fantasy sequence. Cute movie for families with young kids who will enjoy the bears' adventures or for Yogi fans or fans of 60s animation.

Moved to more East Side Kids as I ate leftovers for dinner. One of the few pure comedy entries in the series, Mugs and the guys are Clancy Street Boys who spend their days avoiding the Cherry Street gang (lead by later Bowery Boy Billy Benedict) and hanging out in their clubhouse. Mugs' mother has a big problem - her wealthy cattleman friend Pete is coming to visit, and she's told him she has seven children, including a girl. Mugs recruits the other guys to be his siblings and convinces his best pal Glimpy to dress in drag as "Annabelle." When the jig is up and Pete is kidnapped by gangsters, it's the kids to the rescue!

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