Monday, September 29, 2014

Boys In Stripes

Today was gloomy, cool and humid - the perfect day to sleep in. When I did get up, I ran the East Side Kids film Boys of the City as I had a quick Wheat Chex breakfast. The "boys" of the title are the East Side Kids, as Bobby Jordan, Leo and David Gorcey, and Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison make their debuts with the series. The kids are being taken to a summer camp to get them out of the country when they pick up a group of people stranded on the road. The group includes a judge who is supposed to stand trial for embezzlement. They all end up at the Judge's scary ancestral home...and when the Judge is killed, Jordan's brother (Dave O'Brian) is accused of his death. The Kids try to figure out who really killed the judge and rescue his missing ward, before they're the next victims!

I didn't get to the laundromat until around quarter of 1. Everyone must have been at lunch. The place was quiet except for one or two other people. I had no trouble getting my small load in and out while The Young and the Restless droned in the background.

I just barely had enough time to finish out Boys of the City and get started on more Bowery Boys as I folded and put away my clothes when I got home. Chuck (Leo Gorcey's younger brother David) gets a rare chance to have some importance to the plot in Jail Busters. The slender guy with the animated eyebrows has here moved up to reporter...and when he's beaten up on an undercover assignment, his pals Slip, Butch, and Sach get sent up the river to find out who blew the whistle on Chuck and what's going on.

Work was busy almost the entire evening. Not only is it almost the beginning of the month, but today was the last day of a big four-day sale. Thankfully, it slowed down enough by 8 for me to leave with no relief. Mother Nature did her part. It was showering on the way home, though not heavily.

Oh, and I got the last retired outfit I wanted from Josefina's original collection from eBay. The Harvest Outfit features Josefina's only camisa (shift) with long sleeves at this writing. It's a really cute outfit, too, with nice embroidery on the yoke of the shift and a pretty, if rather thin, yellow-green skirt. Josefina's wearing the skirt with her new meet outfit shift now.

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