Sunday, September 21, 2014

There's a Brawl Goin' On

I was up late with Lauren last night and so worn-out from a long week of running around, I slept until 11 this morning! After I wrote in my journal, I had just enough time to make Buttermilk Spice Pancakes for breakfast, grab the Apple Spice Cupcakes I made yesterday, and stroll to Dad's for the Eagles-Redskins game.

Jodie and my cousins Mark and Vanessa were the only ones there when I arrived. Jodie'd taken Dad to the hospital early in the morning with acute chest and stomach pains. They thought it was appendicitis, but it turned out to be colitis. Jodie would go back to Our Lady of the Lordes Hospital later. She did invite my sister Rose and her son Khai over. Rose brought her famous Key Lime Bars (key lime pie filling topped with coconut with white chocolate chips on a graham cracker crust) and shredded chicken and lettuce to make Oriental Lettuce Wraps. Khai just wanted to play with his buddies across the street, but his mother made him eat his peanut butter and jelly sandwich first.

The game was absolutely insane. Former Eagles player DeShawn Jackson wasn't terribly happy to be fired from the team back in March. He was picked up by the Redskins shortly after...and proceeded to remind people of this every time he did a run or scored. Two guys got into a shoving match early on in the first quarter and were called for unnecessary roughness. There were penalties here, there, and everywhere, on both teams. One Eagle and at least three or four Redskins were knocked out of the game with injuries.

The tension and penalties finally boiled over half-way through the fourth quarter. A Redskins center the size of a sumo wrestler blindsided Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, knocking him to the ground and injuring him. Foles' fellow Eagle Jason Peters wasn't having any of that and attacked the Redskins player! Both teams leaped to their fellow players' defense...and the entire playing field erupted into a huge brawl. The two guys who started the brawl were eventually ejected from the game. Foles recovered enough to finish the game. The Eagles finally held off the Redskins long enough to win 37-34.

Khai didn't care who won. He was too busy playing with his friends from the neighborhood. One little boy's dad is the football coach for Collingswood High School. He played a touch game with his son and Khai during half-time. While the Eagles and Redskins were starting riots during the fourth quarter, Khai joined a little boy and his toddler sister on the heavy plastic jungle gym in their front yard while waiting for another friend to come home from a birthday party. He was still playing when I hitched a ride home with Mark and Vanessa.

Jodie brought Dad home by the beginning of the fourth quarter. Dad was sore and moving slow, and he'll have to be on a liquid diet for a few days, but he otherwise seemed ok. He felt good enough to complain about the Eagles' performance all through the quarter.

After going to to read about the game, I went right into a much-needed bath. That felt sooo good. I've been going non-stop all week. It won't be as bad tomorrow. I only have errands planned in the morning before going on another thrift-shop hunting trip with Jessa and Joe. I spent the rest of the evening eating a quick dinner of leftover chicken-vegetable soup and listening to CD collections of early 80s music.

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