Sunday, September 28, 2014

Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers

I started a sunny, breezy morning with Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes and the soundtrack from Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure. This strange 1977 animated movie has Ann and Andy going after the new, rather bratty French doll Babette when she's kidnapped by a pirate captain. The duo encounter all sorts of strange creatures, from an old stuffed camel who was abandoned by his former owner, to a candy monster that keeps eating itself, to a pompous little king who inflates to enormous sizes when he laughs at other's misfortunes. I really prefer the sweeter songs from the early parts, including Ann and Andy's charming ballad "Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers," Ann and the toys' "I'm a Rag Dolly," and the Camel's touching "Blue," than the music from the bizarre second half. (Although like the sequence, the candy monster's song "I Never Get Enough" must be heard to be believed.)

I doubt this is on CD - the movie's not even on DVD, to my knowledge - but if the LP comes your way, it's worth a listen if you're a fan of the film or of cult animation or unusual musicals.

Work was crazy when I got in, with long lines across the store. It gradually slowed down as people headed off to barbecues and birthday parties and we got closer to 4:30, which was when the Eagles were playing the 49ers. Thankfully, there were no really major problems despite the craziness. It slowed down enough by 4:30 that I was able to hurry out without a relief.

I went straight home to listen to the game. I wasn't up to hurrying off to Dad's after the heavy crowds at work today. I had leftovers and made Carrot-Apple Muffins.

I'm glad I stayed home. The game was terrible. The Eagles' defense played great - and actually got all of the points. They just couldn't get their offense on the field, and when they did, they played badly. Despite a ton of penalties, the 49ers still went on to win 26-21.

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