Monday, September 15, 2014

Time For Vacation

I got a phone call as I was eating breakfast this morning. It was Andrew. Was I going to be around at noon? He was bringing an appraiser to take a look at the house. No, alas, I wouldn't. I had to work at noon. I did have the time to make my bed and tidy up around the house before I left for work.

I also dubbed one of my video finds from Saturday. Sons of the Desert has Laurel and Hardy sneaking off to a fraternity convention after they tell Hardy's wife (Mae Marsh) that they're taking an ocean voyage for Ollie's health. Unfortunately, the boat they were supposed to have taken sinks, frightening their wives. When the two make it home, they find they have some really interesting explaining to do...and Laurel, at the very least, learns that honesty really is the best policy.

Widely regarded as the duo's best feature, this isn't really a masterpiece. It is a pretty funny movie with some great gags, especially towards the end when the boys realize that their wives know what's going on. Necessary for Laurel and Hardy fans; fun for fans of 30s comedy or classic comedians, too. 

Work was on-and-off busy all afternoon. The Eagles play later today, and many people were taking advantage of the lovely and cool weather (barely in the lower 70s) to have their last barbecues of the season. A lot of people called out too, especially this morning. It did slow down long enough for me to get out without a relief around 6.

I changed into regular clothes when I got in. Made scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms and a bagel for dinner while watching more Laurel & Hardy. They find themselves involved in The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case when they go to a spooky mansion to claim Stan's inheritance...and suddenly, everyone starts disappearing. And they go Way Out West to bring a young woman the deed to a gold mine. When they unwittingly give the deed to the girl's greedy guardians, they'll need a lot more than fancy footwork to get it to the right young woman!

Tomorrow is a regular day off; I plan on pretty much doing the same errands I did last Tuesday, maybe with a longer walk around the neighborhood. After that, I'm on vacation! I don't have a ton of plans beyond counseling next Tuesday. I'd like to try to get to the King of Prussia Mall sometime soon.

Oh, and the Eagles play the Colts tonight. As of this second, near the end of the second quarter, the Colts are ahead 10-6.

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