Thursday, September 11, 2014

To Catch a Bath

Started out a humid, hazy morning at work. Work was pretty much the same as yesterday - off-and-on steady. I spent a lot of time standing around, trying to think of things to do. My relief, one of the college-age girls, was on time, and there were no major problems besides boredom.

When I got home, I slid right into the bath. Ahhh, that felt nice. I looked over ideas for decorating cupcakes in my cake decorating magazines. The Acme will be having a (week late) football kick-off party on Saturday. I signed up to bring cupcakes. (Easier to carry than cake and takes less time than cookies.)

When I got out, I made Italian squash and tomatoes with Jersey corn on the cob and a leftover spiced chicken cutlet for dinner while watching To Catch a Thief. John Robie (Cary Grant) is a retired jewel thief who now lives on the French Riviera. He's lived quietly for 15 years...until someone starts stealing jewels from wealthy matrons, using his old methods. Everyone thinks he did it, including the cops, but he knows he's innocent. He seeks out help from an old friend and an insurance agent to find out the thief's next target. Turns out to be the plain-spoken widow of a rich Texas tycoon and her frosty daughter (Grace Kelly). Her daughter is intrigued by Robie, but when her mother's jewels have been stolen, she turns him in. Released from prison, John, the insurance agent, and the widow and her daughter hatch a scheme at a huge costume ball to catch this thief at their own game.

Elegant, lighter Hitchcock film with breathtaking cinematography (it won an Oscar) that magnificently shows off the French Riviera locations. The sparkling chemistry between Grant and Kelly and the lovely backdrops are reason enough to see this one.

And yes, I know today is 9/11. I was in college when it happened. I came out of class and down to Stockton College's media center, where I worked at the time. One of the secretaries stopped me on my way in and told me that the Towers were attacked. I don't even remember much about the week after that day. It was really scary.

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