Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finishing the Fantasy

Today was one of my two early work shifts this week. We may be getting a little bit of snow tomorrow, which likely brought out the crowds. We were busy all morning. I spent almost the entire time outside, doing carts. That was fine by me. It was too nice to be inside, anyway. The sun was finally out, the wind was down to a breeze, and it was probably in the lower-mid 40's, perfectly normal weather for this time of year.

When I got home, I had a really quick chicken soup lunch while listening to my ABBA Greatest Hits CD, then finally finished off Cinder-Han. Leia and Han come in just as Jabba and his men threaten Luke and Obi-Wan. Ahsoka and Chewie help them get Boba Fett down. Leia herself kills Jabba. Wedge arrives, with Commander Kes Dameron and the king's guards. Han and Leia and Wedge and Luke are wed. Jabba dies in prison, where Fett remains for the rest of his days.

Whew! That one took a while, a lot longer than I'd planned. First of all, the story got a bit more complicated than my previous short fairy tales. Second, I ended up doing those two Carrie Fisher tribute stories as therapy shortly after starting this one. Third, I've had a lot of distractions, with Pinterest and my financial problems.

At any rate, Cinder-Han is now available at Archive of Our Own,, and my writing blog.

Cinder-Han at Archive of Our Own
Cinder-Han at
Cinder-Han at My Writing Blog

Next up, I finish out the short stories that got backlogged during the holiday season with The Resistance Kids Go Camping. This is meant to be a goofy short story, nothing elaborate or too crazy. After that, I'm probably going to go back to the 30's adventure story I started last year and never finished. (Either that, the Original Trilogy Snow Queen, or the swashbuckler.)

I ran into Jodie in the parking lot this morning. She invited me over to her and Dad's house for fondue. She was getting things ready when I arrived. Joe, Jessa, and Dad were watching Deepwater Horizon. This tale of people working on an oil rig who get caught in a massive explosion and fire was just nominated for Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects at the Oscars this week. I'm surprised it didn't get some cast nominations as well, especially for Kurt Russell's grizzled commander.

The fondue was fun and tasty, as always. We dipped broccoli and bread chunks into melted cheese, and small red potatoes, chicken, and beef into hot oil. Yum. We chatted and lost chunks of meat and potatoes in the oil and just generally enjoyed one another's company. Jodie and Dad even gave me small pints of apple butter afterwards.

Oh, and my newest project at Pinterest is another fairly personal page. This one is for everything I loved and remembered about my 80's childhood.

My 80's Childhood

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