Monday, January 30, 2017

Taxed Out

Had a quick start today with some more Schoolhouse Rock. Science Rock is one of the segments that came out later in the 70's, and I believe was the final round to come out before the Money Rock revival. This one discusses basic science concepts like how electricity, the body, and gravity work, the planets and space in general, and energy conservation. Favorites from this segment include "Interplanet Janet" (the memorable tale of a galactic baseball team traveling in the Milky Way galaxy) and "The Body Machine" (on how your body creates energy).

Work was fairly quiet for most of the day, up through about 1...and even then, it was more busy because we didn't have enough help than because of lots of customers. I returned baskets and items and helped the other bagger with the carts.

To my frustration, when I came outside, I discovered the back tire on my bike had gone flat. I do have a spare inner tube, but it was at home. I had to walk, which was not a good thing. Dark clouds had been building up since about an hour or so after I got to work. I'd just gotten in the door and had changed when it started to snow. It snowed heavily for ten minutes or so...and then the sun came out. To my knowledge, it hasn't snowed again.

I finally got my W-2 and was able to do my taxes. This takes me 20 minutes to an hour. I have one job, own no property, and have no dependents. I was disappointed that I'm getting a far smaller return than usual, barely 900. I really need that money. I was counting on a lot more.

Also got started on my next story. The second Resistance Kids tale, The Resistance Kids Go Camping, has been in the queue since I wrote the last one. Leia has taken Jess, Rey, and Kaydel to her family's cabin in the lightly snowed-on Adirondack Mountains for a girl-bonding weekend. Things begin well...until they start to tell ghost stories...

Made Tuna Casserole for dinner while watching the Lego Star Wars New Yoda Chronicles specials. In these tales set directly after New Hope, Luke is in search of a cache of holocrons that could teach him how to become a great Jedi. When the mission starts to go sour, Yoda calls on an old friend to help out.

For all my love of Star Wars, I'm not sold on these. They're cute, but I don't think the writing is all that great, and some of the jokes don't land. Not to mention, you really need to know at least a little about Star Wars and its fandom to get some of those jokes.

Finished out the night with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry's second year at Hogwarts starts off with a bang when a worried house-elf interferes with his aunt and uncle's luncheon and Harry's picked up by Ron and his brothers in their flying car. Things get hairy from there when it becomes obvious that someone doesn't want Harry to return to the school...or anyone with "mudblood" (half witch, half non-witch) at the school. Shortly after hearing about a "Chamber of Secrets," animals and students are being turned into stone right and left. Harry and his friends become determined to find out who knows the Chamber's secrets...before one of them becomes its next victim.

This is a bit more like it. Slightly better CGI (especially on the Whomping Willow) and a more interesting story make this an improvement on its predecessor.

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