Friday, January 06, 2017

Snow Outside, Ice Inside

I overslept this morning! Barely had enough time for two cartoons, breakfast, and loading the food in my fridge into a Styrofoam cooler. We're still supposed to get more snow, so I stuck to snow-related shorts. "Snow Foolin'" is one of the sing-along shorts Famous Studios did in the late 40's-early 50's. Animals frolic in winter weather, before we get to sing along to some little-known lyrics to "Jingle Bells." "The Snow Man" is a typical black-and-white 30's entry about a snowman who travels up north when the weather gets warmer.

Work was actually pretty quiet for a Friday, especially in the morning and early afternoon. We're coming to the end of the beginning of the month people. It'll be another week before folks start coming in for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. I spent pretty much the entire day cleaning the registers and bagging. For once, they had plenty of help to do the carts and other cleaning.

My hours were, once again, terrible. I had to beg managers to bring me up to 20. I don't know why I keep getting so few hours. I understand they're cutting them, but...I've worked for this damn company for 20 years. I deserve these hours. Not to mention, I badly need the money. I live alone. I know this isn't a concept anyone around here understands. I have no one else paying for me. I can't always borrow money. Most of these folks are used to either having a significant other around to help them make money, or know people who could easily get them a job. I don't.

Good thing I didn't need much in the way of groceries today. I mainly picked up fruit and vegetables - grapefruit, mushrooms, bananas, broccoli. The chicken sale wasn't great, but I needed meat - grabbed drumsticks. Restocked canned apricots, canned crushed pineapple, strawberry preserves, pads, and butter (the last of which was on a really good 2-day sale).

It did snow last night...about an inch or two. It was just enough to frost the ground and make it look pretty. It never covered the streets. It wasn't even that cold. I easily rode to and from work.

The refrigerator was wide open when I got in. Charlie had finally defrosted it. He came back from running some kind of errand at The Home Depot just as I was sitting down to write. Basically, I need to defrost it better and more often and not let the ice build up like I did. I have defrosted it before...but not often, and not well. It's just too much of a hassle, but Charlie says it makes the compressor run too hard and use too much energy. At any rate, it's fine now.  (And it's a good thing it was chilly today. I kept my food out there while I was waiting for Charlie to come back.)

Didn't get a lot of writing done. Han and Leia continue to argue, even as they escape. Obi-Wan watches them, thinking that Han is a lot more worthy of Leia - and royalty - than he believes.

When I got off, I had a quick bowl of Italian Wedding Soup for dinner while watching an episode of Wonder Woman from the early first season. "Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman" is an especially strong female spy who uses Steve Trevor to lure Wonder Woman and her magic lasso to the Nazi's clutches. Trouble is, the head Nazi refuses to believe that Wonder Woman is an Amazon from an island ruled by woman. He's convinced no woman could do such a least until Wonder Woman rescues herself, along with Steve, who had gone to rescue her.

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