Monday, January 09, 2017

What to Do Now

Began a cloudy morning with some quick Max & Ruby as I ate breakfast and got ready for work. There's a blizzard outside, so Ruby declares "Ruby's Snow Day." Her brother keeps trying to get outside. Max wants to find "Max's Snowbunny" after hearing an abominable snowman story on the radio. Ruby's more interested in making snow angels. Max wants to stay outside and go sledding in "Max's Mix-Up." Ruby wants to go inside. Max switches places with Louise's brother Morris in order to continue to have fun.

Work was steady for most of the day. It was a bit of a surprise after the weekend was so crazy. We never got as busy as it did over the weekend. Thankfully, the weather was better. It was sunny and still cold, but not anything resembling as windy as yesterday. I alternated between rounding up carts and bagging the entire day.

There was a message for me from Rose when I got home. I called her back while I was working on writing. First of all, she's right and they can't legally raise the rent that much, only about $50. Second, I need to look more into transportation. I can't always call the family for a ride. I never heard of Uber, beyond a few ads online. I need to make copies of the new lease for her, and she still wants to talk to Mrs. Stahl. I don't think I can do Social Security, but I could probably reopen my Food Stamps account.

I still have no idea what's wrong with me, or if there's anything wrong with me besides deep introversion and general anxiety problems. I hate my Acme job, but my few attempts at finding something else haven't gone well. Every time I've made attempts at trying to job hunt again, I don't know what to do, or I talk to someone and they never respond or they move out of the area, or I get overwhelmed. It's hard to explain to a lawyer that you're not good with people.

Actually got some writing done after letting Rose go. Han heads to Maz Kantana's pub. She's not happy he lost the fireworks shipment...but more to the point, she's worried about what Jabba will do to him when he finds out. Lando Calarissian's there, too. He recently had a good run of luck at the gambling tables and is about to get himself a sharp new suit for the royal ball next week.

"What ball?" Han asks. Maz shows him the poster...and sure enough, right there is the girl he'd rescued from bandits. Turns out she's the Princess Leia. Her brother Prince Luke is already engaged, but she's turned down every suitor. Her father King Anakin has turned her birthday ball into a marriage hunt. Every eligible man in the kingdom is to attend, and he wants Leia to choose a husband from among them.

Broke for dinner around 7. After a quick meal of leftover turkey meatballs with the last of the green beans, I made a new winter collage to finally clear out the last of the holidays and get rid of a bunch of Christmas catalogs. (I'm hoping to get the winter decorations up later this week, after I finally clean.)

Ran The Glass Bottom Boat as I worked. What do you get when you cross a romantic comedy with a spy spoof? Doris Day finds out when she plays Jenny Nelson, a widow who works for a top-secret think tank. The head of security (Paul Lynde) just found out there's a spy in their midst...and he's convinced it's her. Her boss (Rod Taylor), who is starting to fall for her, thinks that's ridiculous. When Jenny finds out the boys have her under suspicion, she gets mad and tries to turn the tables. Now she has to figure out who the real spy is, and who's giving him his orders, before she ends up under the boat of the title that belongs to her dad (Arthur Godfrey).

If you ever wanted to see one of Day's usual romantic comedies crossed with Get Smart, look no further. It's pretty obvious this one was directed by former Looney Tunes animator Frank Tashlin. It feels like a live-action cartoon at times, especially with a crazy cast of character actors that includes Dom DeLouise, Dick Martin, Alice Pearce, and George Tobias along with Day, Taylor, Godfrey, and Lynde handling some really wild slapstick. At the very least, it gets points for trying something different with Day's vehicles. Definitely fun if you're a fan of slapstick, spy spoofs, or Day.

Finished the night with another unique product of the 60's, the Oscar-winning MGM animated short "The Dot and the Line." MGM has fun with limited animation in this tale of a line who falls in love with a dot, and eventually does all he can to please her, including turning all kinds of crazy angles and crazy curves.

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