Thursday, September 09, 2021

Have You Got Any Rain Baby?

The rain came down at a pretty good clip when I got up this morning. It slowed down to a steady showe by the time I made it to breakfast. Ran the next few Silly Symphony shorts as I got ready for work. "Egyptian Melodies" is basically the same deal as "The China Plate," with dancing hieroglyphics replacing dancing Willow porcelain. A spider wanders through a niftily-animated 3-D pyramid, only to find spooky mummies and hieroglyphics in the middle of a war. 

"The Cookie Carnival" is another charming love story of anamorphic objects ala "Music Land." This one takes us into Cinderella turf, as a hobo gingerbread man helps design a frosting-and-sprinkles gown for a lonely cookie to make her the belle of the carnival. The other cookies want her to choose a king among cake stereotypes, but she only has one baked good in mind. This is another long-time favorite of mine from The Disney Channel and video rentals in the 80's. I love the parade of treat queens and the varieties of cake who vie for Cinder-Cookie's buttery hand. 

Hurried out after "The Cookie Carnival" ended. The rain was down to a light shower as I raced to the Acme and disappeared all together shortly after I arrived. It would return later, once again not heavily. This time, the morning was more of a pain. I briefly got stuck in a register and couldn't get to the carts for a while. Thankfully, this time, I did have help. The head bagger arrived later, allowing me to focus on the carts and overflowing trash and recycling. 

The rain vanished all together as I headed home. (To my knowledge, it hasn't rained since.) Ran the last two Silly Symphonies while changing and having a snack. "Woodland Cafe" is another "everyone sings and dances" short, this time with bugs in the title night club. A female fly and a male spider spoof apache dances, while a red ant wishes a grouchy old bumble bee would just get up and dance. (Watch out for a few stereotypes among the dancers and the Cab Calloway-like musical group.)

We end with the very first Silly Symphony, "The Skeleton Dance." Like "The Old Mill," this is probably spookier than it has any right to be. Skeletons dance, wiggle, and get extreme and scary close-ups in time to the music. As Leonard Maltin says, it's simple but effective, especially that close-up you can't take your eyes off of. 

Went on the laptop early for some writing. The Mock Turtle and Duchess Marcia teach Brett and her boys the biggest dance under the sea, the Lobster Quadrille. It starts slow, but ends up with everyone swinging around the beach and having a fine time. The Mock Turtle is still interested in music and performs another composition of his, "Beautiful Soup," before Richard's sons Gary and Mark dash down to the beach with news of the castle...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '76. For some reason, they skipped the first episode of the week with Bob Barker, Patty Duke, and Fannie Flagg. We get a lot of rowdy Election Day answers to what someone does when they don't like either candidate in office while Richard helps the contestant with "__ Building" on the Head-to-Head.

The panel had a lot less luck on Match Game PM. The contestants just could not match anything. In fact, the main round ended in a 0 - 0 tie. Thankfully, the Sudden Death tie breaker didn't go as badly as Gene feared. Richard got to help the winner with "__ Frame."

Ended the night online after a shower, watching Varsity Show on Amazon Prime. I go further into this Busby Berkeley-choreographed college extravaganza with Dick Powell as a producer who returns to his alma mater to put on a show at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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