Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Rainy Day Blues

I opened my eyes as rain pattered heavily on the roof. It poured as I read Donna Parker at Cherrydale in bed. By the time I switched to breakfast and Hogan's Heroes, the rain slowed to barely a shower. Hogan finds himself "The Witness" when Marya arranges for him to watch the launching of a new that his boys have been ordered to destroy. 

Thankfully, the rain ended all together just as I left for work. It wasn't busy when I arrived...but it picked up around 11 and stayed busy for the rest of the day. They kept calling me inside for one reason or another, and it was a pain. I couldn't find a mop to clean up a milk spill and had to use paper towels. They wanted me to take carts of boxes in the back to be recycled. I barely had ten minutes to gather carts or sweep the store.

And of course, when I did finally get to doing the carts for longer than ten or fifteen minutes at a time, it started pouring again. I gathered the trash and recycling, then hid in the cart corral for as long as I could, but that downpour wasn't stopping. I pushed a few carts and got wet.

Got even wetter riding home. Took the long way down Nicholson Road just in case the Black Horse Pike turn-off into Oaklyn flooded. Thankfully, I had no trouble getting around, other than dodging the rush-hour traffic on Nicholson. 

The downpour didn't let up, even as I pulled into the garage and dashed for my apartment. In fact, it picked up and came down even harder, the sky now dark as midnight. Jodie's still out of town; heck, she might not be able to leave the Shore right now. I took advantage of her absence to toss all of my clothes - including my shoes - in the dryer. 

Worked on writing for an hour. The Mock Turtle (Avery Schreiber) tells his story...or at least, what he thinks his story is. Duchess Marcia insists it's all in his head. Brett finds it a little weird, but then again, Avery was always a bit strange. The boys are more interested in learning the Lobster Quadrille...

Broke for barbecue-spiced salmon and sautéed zucchini and tomatoes at 6:30. Match Game '76 brings on country music star Bill Anderson and tough ingenue Debralee Scott. Charles spends the episode throwing out his own spoof country songs, including one done to the tune of the answer for the Audience Match "Electric __." 

Gene Rayburn, the son of Serbo-Croatian parents who spoke the language all his life, is thrilled to met a young woman who also speaks the language on Match Game PM. Meanwhile, the others help her figure out "Do Not __." Richard gets to figure out "Surf _"

Sale of the Century was no contest. Though the other guy got two of the three Fame Games, the champ got the other Fame Game, bought an Instant Bargain, and walloped everyone in the Speed Round. He picked up a nice dining room set on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night online after a much-needed shower with Charlie's Angels. "Teen Angels" investigate the death of a student at a prestigious finishing school. Kris looks young enough to pass for a student. Sabrina teaches art, Kelly teaches English, and Bosley works in the stables. Turns out the "alpha bee" of the girls (Audrey Landers) is a malicious brat who gives the mean girls from Heathers a run for their poisoned money. She holds secrets over three other girls and the school janitor, forcing them to do her bidding...but it's Kelly who may be in danger when she figures out that the janitor is a lot closer to the edge than any of them suspect. 

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