Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sunshine Days

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. The guys are ready to leave when they learn a traitor in the underground may leave their names with Major Hochstetter. Hogan recruits a lady in the underground to dance with him and distract him...which means LeBeau has to give him "Six Lessons from Madame LaGrange" and teach him to dance.

Work wasn't busy, but I didn't have much help for most of the day. At least I got most of the trash and recycling early. They kept calling me to do six thousand things at once in the middle of the day, and I could never decide what to do first! Thankfully, by the time the evening bagger came in at 4, it slowed down again, and he was able to help me push carts for the final hour. At least the weather was perfect for pushing carts, warm, breezy, and golden. 

Went straight home after work. Finished the Hogan's episode, changed, and went online. Rose called me at work; I called her back, but haven't heard from her. Tried calling the realtor, but didn't realize they close before 5. Looked up Oakland Gardens, the apartment building complex next to the WaWa. Supposedly, they're pretty nice...but I heard they can also be noisy and party central, and well, they're next to a WaWa and a major highway.

Got some writing in next. Bill (Daily) the White Rabbit begins the trial by reading the accusation...which turns out to be most of the old Mother Goose rhyme about the queen (or king, in this case) making tarts all on a summer's day. But as Brett's quick to point out, it wasn't the knight who stole them clean away...

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Watched Match Game '74 while eating leftovers. Don Adams made his only appearance on the show during a very funny week that also introduced comedienne Mitzi McCall. Don would be happy to keep Brett from peeking at his answers, while Charles tries to figure out the Head-to-Head for "__ Room."

Cleaned up and made Baked Pumpkin Pudding during Match Game PM. A snarky young man livened up this episode, making jokes with Gene from the very beginning. Richard Paul, Daryl Anderson, and Donna Pescow joined the regulars in trying to keep up with him.

Switched to Hogan's as I slid the pudding in the oven. When Buckhalter catches Schultz asleep in the barracks, he threatens to send him to the Russian Front unless Klink can make a real guard out of him. It'll take "The Sargent's Analyst" (aka Newkirk) to bring out the leader in Schultz. 

Finished the night online after a shower watching Charlie's Angels on The Roku Channel. Kris is horrified when a friend is the victim of "The Sandcastle Murders." Someone's killing blue-eyed girls on the beach in Santa Monica, and Sabrina and Kelly are worried Kris may be next. They question the woman her friend worked for who owns a cosmetics company, while Bosley flips burgers and keeps an eye on a muscle-bound peeping tom and a beach patrol cop with his own problems.

Went to Hulu for Golden Girls. "Big Daddy's Little Lady" Blanche is delighted when he announces his upcoming marriage...but she's less thrilled when she discovers the bride is at least three decades younger than him. Meanwhile, Rose and Dorothy enter a contest to write a song for Miami, but they can't figure out how to twine their lyrics and music together. 

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